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All About the Crown Fitting Procedure

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

529808_blogAt City Dental Leeds we pride ourselves in delivering first class crown treatment and use the best materials around to create strong, healthy and beautiful teeth. We work with highly skilled technicians and our dentists have extensive experience in fitting crowns, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

All about crowns

Crowns are dental restorations used to strengthen a broken or decayed tooth. They sit over the top of the tooth and are commonly placed following an accident, injury or root canal treatment.

Crowns can be made from various materials, including metals and ceramics. We often recommend porcelain, as it is strong and produces beautifully natural aesthetics. With a porcelain crown, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the natural tooth and the crown.

How is a crown fitted?

Crowning treatment usually involves two sessions in cases where hand-crafted crowns are used. The first session is used to plan treatment and create an impression to be used as the mould for the new crown. This impression is made using dental putty once the tooth has been prepared and shaped. The aim of the preparation stage is to remove any decayed tissue and re-shape the tooth. Once the mould has been created, it is sent away to the laboratory where the new crown is made by experienced dental technicians. The second stage of treatment involves fitting the new crown and this usually takes place around two weeks later. Fitting the crown involves placing the crown over the top of the tooth and securing it firmly.

Once it’s in place, it’s important to look after your crown. Care for it in the same way as your natural teeth and take care when playing sport or eating hard foods. Crowns last up to five years and your dentist will check your crowns and fillings every time you have a routine dental check-up.

Simple Solutions with Dental Crowns

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

18625044At City Dental Leeds we always strive to provide simple, hassle-free and effective solutions for dental problems and our incredibly natural looking and durable crowns are a great option for those who have damaged or broken teeth. If you’ve had a dental infection or you’ve been caught up in an accident or injury, call us today and we’ll soon have your smile back in shape.

About dental crowns

Dental crowns are a type of restoration used to bolster damaged and weak teeth and improve oral function. Crowns are placed over the existing tooth structure and they have amazing benefits for the aesthetic of the smile as well as your oral health. We often recommend porcelain crowns because this ceramic material is incredibly strong, as well as being a very close match to the natural shade of the teeth. Porcelain crowns also boast an iridescent finish that will make your smile glow.

We usually use two sessions to complete crown treatment. The first session is used to plan treatment, prepare the tooth and create an impression for the dental technicians and the second session is designed to fit the crown. We work with the best dental technicians and use the finest quality materials to produce hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing crowns and our dentists have extensive experience in this form of treatment, so you’re in good hands!

Why would I need a crown?

Your dentist may recommend a crown in the following circumstances:

  • the tooth is damaged following an injury or accident
  • the tooth has been weakened by a large filling
  • the tooth is severely decayed
  • you have a dental infection that has spread to the pulp tissue (a crown is usually placed after root canal treatment in this case)
  • you are undergoing tooth replacement treatment (a crown is fitted to a dental implant in this scenario)

How long will a crown last?

Crowns don’t last forever, but they should last around five years depending on the material used and how well you care for your crown.

Choosing your Dental Crowns in the City of Leeds

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Your teeth are as important as any other part of your body in the city of Leeds and so you try to care for them as best you can. What you can’t cater for though is the unexpected to crop up. Damage to your teeth from tooth decay and injury, even the loss of a tooth can leave your mouth traumatised and in order to prevent further complications from arising through infection, you are going to have to get patched up, and quickly. In all of these cases, once the problem has been treated, there will be some building work required afterwards to get the tooth up to speed and size again and this will involve the placement of a crown. Damage at the back of the mouth will require a strong crown to put up with the chewing forces that have to go through it. Two of the strongest are made from gold or porcelain that is laid over metal and these are more than capable of pulling the job off, as well as looking good. Damage to teeth towards the front of the mouth suffer less stresses and to fit in with the general style of your teeth, a full porcelain crown will look aesthetically great, although the more glitzy among us often go for gold as well. Whatever the final look, the crown will more importantly restore a healthy balance to the mouth again.