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Why White Fillings?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

429735_blogMercury-containing amalgam fillings were originally used to restore the tooth. At City Dental, we encourage you to have these traditional amalgam fillings replaced by white fillings.

White fillings are aesthetically-pleasing

White fillings that are made from dental composite or porcelain mimic natural tooth shade. When smiling, it is not obvious that any fillings are present. In contrast, amalgam fillings, which are made of metals, are noticeable to others.

When comparing white fillings and amalgam ones, white fillings are often pictured as weaker and less durable amalgam fillings. Although metal fillings placed in the back teeth for chewing power are stronger, white composite fillings offer a durable blend to restore tooth function, improve bite and enhance facial expression. Porcelain fillings may be used in the smile zone for a beautiful smile.

Treatment with white fillings

The benefit of having white fillings is that the fillings can be placed and set within minutes, allowing for immediate tooth restoration. Traditional amalgam fillings usually require longer treatment times and recovery as they do not include modern light activation materials and technologies. If you would like more information about our white fillings treatment please contact City Dental in central Leeds.

Wonderful White Fillings!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

2823674_blogThe best course of action to treat a cavity is usually to fill the tooth. We offer durable, aesthetically pleasing white fillings to strengthen and protect your teeth, without impacting on the look of your smile. We are able to fit new white fillings, as well as replacements for mercury amalgam fillings.

The benefits of white fillings

White fillings offer a range of benefits for patients who want to replace old fillings, as well as those who need a new one. Fillings help to protect decayed teeth from further damage and they also make the teeth stronger once they have been weakened by a cavity. Cavities are holes that form as a result of the enamel layer of the tooth being penetrated by harmful bacteria. Once a cavity forms it will grow in size, the tooth will get weaker and the risk of infection spreading through the tooth will increase.

White fillings are mainly made from dental composite, which is strong and durable yet also discreet, as it matches the shade of your teeth. Composite fillings last for many years and they are better for the environment and safer than traditional mercury fillings. Although mercury amalgam fillings are approved for use in the UK, many patients have concerns over their safety and we are proud to offer mercury-free treatment.

How is a filling placed?

If you need a filling, you will undergo a simple procedure that involves cleaning the cavity and then filling it with composite. The tooth will be numbed first to ensure you don’t feel any pain and the cavity will be cleared and cleaned thoroughly. The composite will then be put into the cavity and your dentist will spread it through the cavity to ensure that it is full. Once the cavity has been filled, it will be set firm with the use of a curing light. The light does not hurt at all and the process takes only a few seconds. Once the filling has had chance to harden, we will trim it to make sure it looks and feels perfect and then the procedure is complete.

The Silver Fox Filling in the City of Leeds

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

There is a lot of bad mouthing going on about amalgam filling these days, even in dental circles in the city of Leeds, that has tended err towards outlawing the very thought of using it again. It is because or the lead and mercury content in its chemical mix which yes, are highly toxic. Certain countries inScandinaviahave already banned its use, but let’s take a step back for a second and calm down before we consign the amalgam filling to the gallows. What’s the alternative? Ceramic and resin fillings look beautifully natural and fresh, and they are by no means toxic. However, they still haven’t been able to offer the longevity that is required in a filling just yet and have the annoying habit of falling out. Gold is good, but again, being soft and malleable, it too has the tendency to fall out.  It would be foolhardy, and very traumatic, to start ripping out perfectly good amalgam fillings based on this evidence alone. As for the toxic levels and how they affect people, again a bit of a mystery. Talk to someone from a couple of generations ago who still have their teeth and ask them about their fillings and when they got them, because the chances are, they have been in all their life, and they’re still alive. If by have ceramic fillings you will live forever- fine, but that’s doubtful. So, how about looking at the positives of this silver fox and just how strong it is, maybe adapt it, cover it with white resin, use it for its better qualities and stop hunting it.

Dealing with Decaying Teeth in Central Leeds

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Tooth decay is something that takes its time to take hold and it will do it very covertly as well. It normally starts with poor oral hygiene and a lack of visits to see your dentist in central Leeds. But it starts immediately when the acids from bacteria are allowed to eat into the teeth’s enamel, over time it will go unnoticed, but then you may find yourself suffering from shooting pains in the teeth. Catch it now and you may be lucky enough to get away with a filling, but ignore it and then you will require root canal treatment just to keep the tooth in the mouth- even then you have seriously reduced the life of the tooth. After this you start to descend into tooth loss, but not only this, you can suffer from periodontal damage to the bone structure in the jaws and worse still, gum disease, which can work it’s evil into the bloodstream and poison the bodies vital organs. Essentially, if you suffer from pain, get your teeth fixed up, but more importantly, make sure you retain a high level of oral hygiene in the first place so that your teeth don’t get to this stage. If you have any doubts, you should confer with your dentist about avoiding tooth decay.

Identifying the Problems of Discoloured Teeth in Leeds

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Teeth are an important factor in the way we smile and project ourselves in Leeds and good looking teeth can bolster our confidence in the workplace and socially. At the opposite end of the scale, ugly looking teeth can destroy all of this and one of the most common causes of unsightly teeth is discolouration. There are many factors that can cause this condition, the more obvious ones being staining from foods, drinks and smoking, however, with age, the enamel on the surface of the teeth can fade too- these can generally be rectified with bleaching and by vastly improving our oral hygiene and diet. Tooth decay can also cause the teeth to discolour for as the nerve dies it will darken the tooth and if you have an amalgam filling to counter the decay, it will also cause a greying effect on the rest of the tooth’s surface. Certain drugs can also have a negative effect to the natural hue of your teeth, as can a lack of fluoride, as this re-mineralises the enamel. Dentists can rectify virtually any problem in your teeth these days, including this one so you should get along to the surgery and get advice of how to address it and more importantly, prevent it as well.

Get the Latest White Dental Fillings from the Best Dental Practice in Leeds

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Dental technology has made amazing advances in the past decade. It is now possible to get dental treatment that looks absolutely invisible. People are willing to pay more money to get their teeth repaired with materials that are indistinguishable from their other teeth. Dental fillings are a good example of this.
Many dentists use silver or metal amalgam in order to fill cavities in teeth. These amalgams certainly do a very good job by protecting the cleaned cavity from further decay, but they are very visible as black or silver areas when the person opens their mouth. Having a row of filled teeth can be a constraint for certain people and they might not laugh out loud because they don’t feel comfortable opening their mouth wide.
A Leeds dental practice specializes in offering white dental fillings that make the tooth look almost exactly like the other ones in the mouth. These fillings are made of acrylic and porcelain and they give the filled teeth a very beautiful and lifelike effect. These fillings do cost more money than the ordinary amalgam ones, but people ask for them because they look very attractive. The other advantage is that the dentist has to drill less of the tooth when white dental fillings are being used.
Teeth at the back of the mouth can get amalgam fillings because they tend to be stronger. However, if the tooth that requires a filling is near the front of your mouth, then white fillings are an easy choice.