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The worry of a Dental Emergency in the City of Leeds

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

1850411_blogThe city of Leeds is a very vibrant and busy place to live for 24 hours a day. Now sometimes, this can be hard to adjust to and become too much at times, but there are certain advantages too, especially if you have a crisis crop up- like a dental emergency. Whatever concerns you, there are dentists that offer out of hour’s services that can help you with your problems, plus, if you can’t get to a dentist and the problem is serious, like the loss of a tooth or an abscess, then, you always have A&E at the hospital to turn to. Though, all said and done, it would be wise to do a little homework with your dentist and go through the other possible scenarios that may present themselves: losing a crown, a veneer, a bridge or a filling; chipping a tooth or the eruption of a wisdom tooth can all offer their own problems but it would be wise to see what you can do at home to help ease your worries, even by just taking painkillers, as this will not only ease the immediate situation until you can get seen, but it will help you to avoid making knee jerk reactions to a minor crisis; that said, it is your health we are talking about and if you feel threatened in any way by any dental emergency, then get all the help you can.

The worry of a Dental Emergency in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

You can never predict when a dental emergency will crop up, and when it does, the shock of it can leave you confused as what to do. An emergency can come in many guises as well, minor emergencies such as a chipped tooth, a lost veneer or crown or minor toothache can be remedied with mild painkillers until you can get along and see your dentist. But some times, some conditions require immediate treatment: losing a tooth, severe toothache, wisdom tooth pain and an abscess can be excruciating and your average painkiller will be futile. In the case of an abscess, the condition has been known to become life threatening-now that is a real emergency. So what do you do, especially if it is out of hours to see your own dentist? Well, you can pop along to A&E, especially if you have lost a tooth or have an abscess, but there are emergency dentists in the city of Leeds that offer treatment around the clock for such problems and so you would be well wise to familiarise yourself with some numbers so that you are at least safe in the knowledge that if you find yourself in a situation, you can at least talk to someone about the nature of your emergency and then get treated.

Coping with a Knocked-out Front Tooth in Leeds

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Although it may not exactly top the charts of emergencies, having a tooth knocked out in Leeds is  still an emergency and there are a set of rules as to what to do in order that you may just be able to reinstate the tooth into the socket. To avoid damaging the roots and its tissue, the tooth should be only handled at the crown, gently rinsed in warm water and then inserted again. Now this all sounds very easy, however, this is all well and good, but the conditions to do all of this may not exist, nor, often or not, are you going to have some milk or saline around if the tooth won’t go back in so if you have to get to a dentists or A&E, the best way to get the tooth there is by resting it inside the mouth. The thing is, at best, the quicker you can get treatment the more likely the tooth is going to take again in the socket- you may be surprised by how resilient the mouth is in these situations and as long as the tooth is kept saturated, you have around a couple of hours to get it back- hell, you’ve got to give it a shot, your tooth is free, bridges, implants, crowns and dentures are not.

A Knocked out Tooth can Ruin Smiles in all of Leeds

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

How do people lose teeth?

Many people lose teeth prematurely, which can occur as a result of a sports injury, accident or trauma, fighting or as a result of a severe fracture that may be caused by biting something very hard.

What should you do if your tooth is knocked out?

If you lose a tooth it may be possible to salvage it if you can see a dentist quickly. Keep hold of the tooth and store it in milk and arrange to see your Leeds dentist as soon as possible. Do not try to scrub the tooth, as you may damage the enamel and hold the tooth by the crown to prevent damage to the tooth roots.

What happens when I see my dentist?

If it is possible your dentist will try to save the tooth and try to implant it back in the tooth socket. You could try and do this yourself, but many people feel uncomfortable trying to re-insert their own tooth.

What happens if the tooth cannot be saved?

If the tooth cannot be saved, there are options for filling the gap. Dental implants are widely regarded as the most effective long-term tooth replacement. Implants are titanium screws, which are fixed into pre-drilled sockets in the jawbone. Once the implant has settled, a new crown or denture can be attached and the tooth will look like a natural tooth and function in exactly the same way. Another option is a dental bridge and for people who have lost a number of teeth, dentures may be an option.

Dental Emergencies in the City of Leeds

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Dental emergencies are indeed a pain but unfortunately are all too common. When waiting for an appointment at your local dentist seems impossible, what else can you do in order to seek treatment and advice?

That is where the dental emergency services in the City of Leeds come into play. Emergency dental  practices offer an out-of-hours service, in which a patient suffering from severe pain or other complications can book an immediate appointment and be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency appointments are only available for severe problems such as toothache, abscesses, mouth ulcers and teeth which have been knocked out. If you are suffering from mild toothache or any other mild symptoms of dental problems you should not contact an emergency clinic but should  take the recommended dose of pain killers and book an appointment with your local dentist.

To make an appointment with an out-of-hours dentist you simply need to phone up and state the problems you are having. If the practice agrees that you need emergency care, an appointment will be made for you at their next available time, normally within three hours. However, if they deem your problem too advanced for their service, they will recommend you go straight to A&E at your local hospital.

Concussion, extensive bleeding and other serious injuries are considered too advanced for treatment by an emergency clinic and so any individuals suffering from such problems should go immediately to A&E and not waste time ringing around local out-of-hours practices.



Emergency Dental Treatment in Central Leeds

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Dental emergencies can be a pain, not just in the physical sense of the word. Whether it be severe toothache or an abscess, sometimes waiting for an appointment with your local dentist just isn’t an option. In these cases it is possible to organise an ‘out -of -hours’ appointment with a local clinic through their emergency service.

In central Leeds there are several emergency clinics that can be contacted if you experience any of the following: toothache, broken or chipped teeth, lost fillings, abscesses, swelling or oral bleeding. In the case of most emergency dental practices you should ring the number provided and arrange an immediate appointment to address your problem. However, some clinics may utilise a ‘request emergency call back’ system by which you can enter your details online and a member of the practice will contact you as soon as possible in order to book an appointment or give professional advice.

In some cases, the emergency practice may advise going straight to A&E for serious dental problems, these include: facial swelling due to an abscess, a fractured or badly injured jaw, loss of consciousness due to a blow to the head and excessive oral bleeding.

There are NHS emergency clinics available and your local clinic can be found by ringing NHS direct or using the services directory. Out-of-hours dental care will cost £17.00 unless you are eligible to receive free NHS dental treatment. There are also private emergency clinics available to call, but the cost of treatment from any of these practices will be significantly higher than the NHS.


The Basics of a Dental Emergency in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

So how can we define the difference between a major or minor dental emergency in the city ofLeeds? It’s a very important to distinguish when you are in serious trouble or whether or not you can ride out a minor issue until you can get to see your dentist and besides that, it might be wise to have a good talk with them and prepare yourself well before hand so that if a problem does crop up, you are in a very good position to cope with it. Preparing involves stocking up the medicine cupboard with a few bits and pieces. Painkillers are always handy to have around anyway and this should generally be enough in a minor crisis’ such as a toothache. You will normally have salt lying around somewhere which, when added to warm water, is great for treating lacerations of the gums caused by chipped teeth, a lost veneer or weeping/bleeding gums. Herbal remedies such as clove oil and tea tree oil are wonderful for soothing aching teeth or especially when you are about to have a wisdom tooth break through the gums. Once you are aware of the nature of these emergencies, you won’t be bothering your dentists or doctor during the night. But it is also important to know who to call when a real emergency arises. Losing a tooth can be dramatic and cause trauma to the mouth and needs to be attended to as quickly as possible, but not as quick as an abscess needs attending to- this can be lethal as, as soon as it erupts, it will start to poison the blood very quickly and can get out of hand very fast. This is where you shouldn’t be afraid to get yourself to hospital as soon as you can.

Coping with Dental Emergencies in Central Leeds

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

When is an emergency not an emergency? The answer to that is when it blatantly isn’t. But when you come across one for the first time in central Leeds, you can be forgiven for hitting the panic button when you have no idea what is going on. However, as is human nature, once bitten, twice shy and you hopefully will be prepared and ready the next time, should another problem crop up. Dental emergencies are no different but you should have a bit of a chat with your dentist to decipher what is serious and what isn’t, at least so you are not getting them out of bed at3 o’clockin the morning over a cracked veneer. Small emergencies can easily be dealt with at home until you can be seen: chips, a filling falling out, a veneer dropping off, toothache or a wisdom tooth coming through can be easily dealt with if you stock up with some painkillers and some herbal remedies until your dentist is free- it’s down to commonsense and understanding the nature of an emergency- again your dentist can tell you what’s what on this front. But there are some real emergencies that can crop up, such as tooth loss or an abscess. These are rather more serious: tooth loss can quickly breed infection; an abscess can be life threatening- so these need to be dealt with as soon as they can.