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Did You Know We Use a Special Microscope for Root Canal Treatments?

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

shutterstock_429718120Root canal treatment is much maligned, but it’s actually a very important and effective procedure. At City Dental Leeds, we often come across patients who are anxious about having root canal treatment, but we can assure you that you’re in the best possible hands. We use the latest technology, including a special microscope, and precision techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure, which is used to treat an infected tooth when the infection has reached the pulp tissue. The pulp lies beneath the enamel surface and it contains the living tissue of the tooth. Here, you’ll find the nerves, lymph tissue and blood vessels. Once the pulp is infected, there’s a high risk of further infection, abscesses and tooth loss. Root canal treatment is often an alternative to extraction.

What does treatment involve?

Many people fear hearing the words root canal long before they even learn anything about the process. This procedure has a bad reputation, which cannot really be justified. The procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, which prevents any pain, and we use a microscope to plan every stage with optimal precision. Before we begin, we will administer the local anaesthetic and once it has taken effect, we will create an opening in the pulp chamber. We then insert files to determine how long the roots are and start removing decayed tissue from the root canals. We use high quality titanium instruments to irrigate the root canals and clean them thoroughly to prevent the spread of infection. We then use a material called gutta percha to fill and seal the root canals. Finally, a new filling or crown is placed to strengthen the tooth.

If you’re struggling with tooth pain, you find it painful to bite down or you’re worried that you may have a dental abscess, this may indicate that you need root canal treatment. Call us today to book an appointment.