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The Inman Aligner Is A Popular Alternative To Invisible Braces

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

3884462_blogInvisible braces are hugely popular, but they are not always the best option. If you have minor issues and you’re looking for a rapid solution, which guarantees results, why not consider the Inman Aligner? This amazing treatment offers discretion, as well as speed and it is specifically designed for patients who only require minor correction.

What exactly is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is a removable orthodontic device, which sits over the top of the teeth. It looks similar to invisible aligners, but it is designed for patients who have minor issues with the front teeth and it works much faster. Although the aligner is not invisible, it is extremely discreet and all that can be seen when you smile is a very fine metal bar, which sits on the front of the teeth.

The Inman Aligner works by generating forces, which work to move the teeth; these forces, which are produced by a coiled spring and a metal bar, squeeze the teeth, causing them to move. The technology behind this treatment is very advanced and it enables patients to enjoy results very quickly with minimal pain. The average treatment time is just 16 weeks, so you’ll be coming to see us to get your braces off and check out your new smile in no time.

Is the Inman Aligner a better choice for me than invisible braces?

Invisible aligners are an excellent choice for many patients, but in cases where only a small amount of movement is required and the issues are restricted to the front teeth, the Inman Aligner may be a better option.

If you’re not sure which orthodontic treatment to go for, your City Dental dentist is there to help! Once they have assessed your bite and had a close look at your teeth, they can discuss the different treatments with you, answer your questions and explain how the different appliances work to help you choose.

The Inman Aligner sets you straight in Central Leeds

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

One of the biggest gripes that people have in central Leeds with getting their teeth straightened is the time involved, and this gripe will get bigger the older you get. But the problem of having dodgy teeth will remain and it will continue to hamper the way you express yourself in the future. So it may be about time you bit the bullet and plunged in, because you may well be shocked as to how quickly modern braces and aligners work these days- especially the Inman aligner. This device has a supremely unique mechanism that pushes, whilst pulling, your teeth into place and it is because your teeth are being wriggled all the time that it gives quick results. The design of the Inman allows it to only work on your front teeth, but for those in the fortunate position of having buck teeth, then your problems can be over in 6 weeks!! That is how fast this aligner works and though you’ll need a retainer to stop your teeth from moving back again, 6 weeks and £1200?? And during this, you can take it out whenever it pleases you. That is something worth going for to finally end years of endless embarrassment and getting you back out there again, smiling and free!

Inman Aligners from Your City of Leeds Dentist Quickly and Comfortably Straighten Your Teeth

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Inman aligners are a new, patented technology that may be able to straighten your teeth in just 8 weeks. Whether your teeth were crooked from birth or you’ve suffered a physical injury, Inman aligners can help give you the perfectly straight smile that you want. The earlier in your life that you can have them fitted the easier and more effective they are likely to be. If used in your teenage years as your teeth are still developing, they are able to guide your teeth into the perfect position that allows them to function fully and look beautiful.

Inman aligners use a very small nickel spring that puts constant pressure on your teeth, pushing them in to the correct position over several months. The aligners are removable and should be taken out when eating; you may also remove them for social occasion if you wish as long as you are wearing them for the rest of the day. Unlike some types of braces these are not permanently attached to your teeth. Each set will be made to fit your unique set of teeth. The procedure for fitting may take several visits as your City of Leeds dentist takes moulds, sends off the shape and waits for the product to be made. After they have been fitted you will be called back to the dentist at regular intervals just to check that they are comfortable and tight enough to be having an effect.

Since every person’s teeth are unique you will need to speak to your local dentist to see what is the best method of teeth straightening for you. Inman aligners are a very effective treatment that have and will help many people get their best smile.

The Quick working Inman Aligner in Leeds

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Sit down, strap in and listen up you people in Leeds that are having problems with your front teeth, still after all these years, because there is a gadget in the area that can help you out here, but first ask yourself serious questions- are your teeth holding you back and making you pull out of conversations and socializing? Do you want to get them fixed? Is it that time of life however, where you would rather not embark on a lengthy treatment? If the answers are yes, yes and yes then ask your dentist about the Inman aligner, because this device is the answer to all your dreams. It is a remarkable, no frills device that gets to work on your front teeth the moment it is fitted by applying pressure on both sides of your teeth through wires, springs and a bar, rocking them if you like, which causes them to move extremely fast- in some cases, six weeks fast. It tailor made for you and your teeth and before you know it, the treatment is over, though with such rapid movement, you will have to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from slipping back into position, but only when you are on your own. But then that is the magic of the Inman as well, you can take it out when dining and brushing your teeth. And the cost of this little wonder starts from around £1200- roughly £100 per week, but the costs can be spread with a payment plan. Now that’s not a lot considering the relief you will get for the rest of your life.

The dynamic Inman Aligner in Leeds

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Ever feel that those crooked, nay, buck front teeth are holding you back, you know, really holding you back from cutting loose and showing just how beautifully you can smile? There’s a beautiful smile in everyone, unfortunately, our teeth can often stop us from showing it, yet as we get older, the thought of any lengthy orthodontic treatment can stop that smile coming out too. So, you may well like to take a day off work and ask your dentist in Leeds all about the Inman aligner, because this supersonic device could be the answer to all your prayers. There is no other aligner quite like it and it’s a masterpiece of engineering: the device works on the theory that if you keep the teeth moving all of the time, they will move a lot quicker; a coil spring and wire exerts a pulling force on the front of the teeth and at the same time a small bar (which also acts as a template for the teeth to align themselves against), pushes the opposite way, squeezing the teeth and rocking them into place against the bar. That’s the technical bit over, now the important facts. This tailor made device starts from around £1200, but before you start thinking ‘bit pricey’, this is the best bit… can work in as little as 6 weeks!! Now if that hasn’t caught your attention, then let’s seal the deal- it can also be taken out when you eat or clean your teeth…Bet your smiling inside and out now!

Inman aligners from dentists in Central Leeds straighten out teeth with discretion

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A set of perfectly aligned teeth has a number of advantages for those lucky enough to have them. Aside from looking better, there is less risk of cavities developing in impacted (bunched up) teeth and reduced chances of experiencing nocturnal teeth grinding (bruxism). Talk to your dentist in Central Leeds about teeth straightening and they will tell you that there a number of different options now available.
One of these options that has a number of advantages is the Inman aligner. Because so many people have been put off wearing traditional braces because of how unsightly they look, Inman aligners work on the ethos of being far more discreet. Rather than having a mouthful of metal that is visible every time you smile, Inman aligners have just one visible part that can be seen when you talk and smile.
The sole visible aspect of Inman aligners is a straightening bar that runs across the front teeth. This is the bar that the teeth are gently pushed against by a coiled spring which sits behind the front teeth. As a further bonus, you can take actually removed your Inman aligner and this is something that will make meal times far easier.
If you are worried about how your teeth are aligned, find out for yourself about Inman aligners by asking your Central Leeds dentist to tell you about it the next time you are in the surgery. You will be told about all the benefits just outlined, as well as the fact that Inman aligners usually need only be worn for six months in order to achieve the desired results in terms of teeth straightening.

Inman aligners are an excellent way to straighten out your teeth, say Leeds dentists

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Teenagers in the United States have been smashing the stereotype that exists of adolescents with mouths full of metal braces. This is because you don’t necessarily have to wear a metal brace anymore if you want to get your teeth straightened into a perfect smile. The product that allows them to do this is now available in the United Kingdom too and it is being warmly welcomed by people who care about their appearance but understand that treatment is needed to correct their crooked smile.
The product is called the Inman aligner and it is infinitely more discreet than its traditional metal antecedent. Rather than a mass of metal brackets and wires, the Inman aligner has simplified the whole design of a tooth straightening device. Essentially there are just two working parts: a coiled spring and a straightening bar.
The coiled spring is concealed behind the front teeth and it gently pushes the teeth against the straightening bar which is the only visible part of an Inman aligner. Inman aligners cannot rotate teeth but they are able to straighten out crooked teeth and do so quickly. Patients only need to wear and Inman aligner for an average of six months; this is vastly preferable to the two years of treatment which is sometimes necessary for traditional metal brace wearers.
Speak to your Leeds dentist to see if they are registered with the Inman aligner company. The product might be just what you need to straighten out your teeth fast. Maybe you are getting married and want to sort out your crooked teeth for the big day. Whatever the reason, Inman aligners can sort out your imperfect smile.

How to get your Smile Back in Leeds with the Inman Aligner

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

One of the problems with correcting a crooked set of teeth is the time involved with the treatment, which has been proven to put people off from even bothering in the first place, especially those who, pardon the pun, are a little long in the tooth? Well those of you in Leeds, who have ‘bucked’ or twisted teeth at the front of the mouth, sit up and take notice, for there’s an aligner available that will blow your mind. It’s called the Inman and it rocks….literally! This sensational little device works painlessly by gently keeping your teeth on the move, because while it applies pressure on the outside with a barely noticeable wire, a spring activated bar reverses the pressures on the inside; it rocks your teeth into place! And this device has an added bonus of being removable. Imagine the freedom that affords when having a meal, socialising for a couple of hours and cleaning your teeth! It’s not an expensive treatment either, considering the engineering that goes into this device and the way it works. After the treatment a retainer will have to be worn for a while, usually whilst you sleep or when you’re alone to prevent the treatment from reversing itself. But if you are still stubbornly unsure about going down this avenue, then maybe this little fact will make you wake up and see the light. The treatment is complete, done and dusted in as little as…..wait for it……6 weeks! The Inman rocks alright!!!

Leeds dentists advise on Inman aligners to straighten teeth effectively

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

For anyone put off getting their teeth straightened by the thought of wearing an unsightly metal brace for as much as three years, things have changed and new products are available that are far more discreet and work far quicker than traditional braces. One such product is the Inman aligner and you should read on for more information.
Inman aligners are far quicker than traditional braces, in fact the average treatment is just six months, that’s about a quarter of the typical period spent wearing a traditional brace. They are far more discreet too as they do not involve all of the metal brackets and wires that were so troubling for so many youths who had to wear traditional braces. In fact the only visible part of Inman aligners is a single metal bar running across the front teeth.
They are also completely removable which means you don’t have to worry about one of the less popular aspects of metal braces: food getting trapped and leading to bad breath. You can take your Inman aligner out to clean it whenever it is necessary to do so.
Inman aligners work with the power of a concealed, coiled spring which gently pushes the teeth against the afore mentioned straightening bar at the front of the mouth. As such they are not suitable for actually rotating teeth but for issues with alignment and straightening, aligners from Inman are very effective.
You might think that with all of the improvements on traditional methods that Inman aligners offer, they would be more expensive but actually they cost roughly the same as most other orthodontic treatments. If you need to know any more information then you should be sure to ask your Leeds dentist next time you are in the surgery.

Inman aligners from central Leeds dentists straighten teeth faster

Friday, November 19th, 2010

A brace that can straighten your teeth in just weeks rather than months or years is no longer just a pipedream. Neither is a brace that is totally removable and has no metal brackets or fixed wires. A new aligner is available that is both speedy and discreet. With just one small bar visible across the teeth you will be able to smile with confidence knowing that, all the while, your teeth are being effectively straightened.

It’s called the Inman aligner and has been making waves in the dentistry world and beyond. The incredible improvements that Inman aligners offer can be achieved in a mere six weeks and the average duration of treatment is less than six months in total. You can remove the Inman aligner to clean your teeth, eat and even for social occasions. The benefits this can give your self-confidence is huge.

Utilising the power of a coiled spring that sits on the tongue-side of the teeth to push out the lateral teeth, the Inman aligner gently achieves straightening while being extremely discreet. By giving room for the other teeth to be pulled into position against the straightening bar on the front teeth the Inman aligner ensures maximum effectiveness. Small alignment issues are easily solved by the Inman aligner although teeth cannot be rotated.

While costing about the same as most other orthodontic treatments, the Inman aligner offers incredible speed that was previously unattainable. Youngsters in particular need no longer be put off teeth alignment by the prospect of wearing an unsightly brace for many of their formative and already socially awkward years. Ask your central Leeds dentist today about the Inman aligner and experience this revolutionary new brace to straighten your teeth.