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Mind the Gap

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

There are many reasons why a person might be missing a tooth or teeth – such as decay, disease or injury – but the general consensus is that it’s not a good look. On anyone.

Of course, missing teeth aren’t only a problem aesthetically. The loss can also affect speech and the ability to eat. Furthermore, with more space than a mouth was designed for other teeth might decide to take advantage of the room and have a wander, meaning remaining teeth shift. In some cases, bone loss can also occur around a missing tooth.

In short, a missing tooth can turn out to be a little problem with big consequences. Thankfully, however, it can be a problem easily fixed.

The main options to replace a lost tooth or teeth tend to be crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

Crowns and bridges 

These are prosthetic devices that can only be removed by a dentist once they’re in. Crowns tend to be porcelain or ceramic ‘caps’ fixed onto damaged teeth or implants and made to match the colour of natural teeth. 

Of course, if you prefer a little bling with your pearly whites – or you’re a rap artist from Otley – gold and metal alloys are also an option. 

Bridges can also be as natural or outlandish as you like and they pretty much do what they say on the tin. A prosthetic device that spans the space where the teeth are missing, a bridge is cemented onto the natural teeth either side of a gap. 

As with crowns, there is a choice of materials for bridges and your dentist can help you decide which would best suit the location of the missing tooth or teeth. By maintaining good oral hygiene, a bridge can last a lifetime.


These are removable appliances that restore your smile in an instant if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth. Extensive tooth loss tends to result in sagging facial muscles, so dentures can also take years off you. In some respects it’s the dental equivalent of a facelift. 

Conventional dentures are made and positioned once any remaining teeth have been removed. However, they can only be worn once the gums have healed, which could take several months. If this is a concern, some dentures can be inserted on the same day, with corrections made once the jaw has healed. 

Another alternative is the overdenture which can be placed over any remaining natural teeth. 

If it is only one tooth missing rather than a number of teeth, a partial denture might be the answer. This takes the form of a false tooth attached to a plate, which is clipped into place. As ever, speak with your dentist to find the best option for you and your lifestyle.


A dental implant is basically a replacement tooth root and it provides the strongest possible foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. The implant is a titanium post secured directly in the jaw. The result is a natural look and feel because the implant is designed to fuse with the bone. Unlike bridges, the surrounding teeth remain unaltered by the procedure. Implants can now replace a full set of teeth in a single one-day procedure.

In conclusion, a lost tooth is not the end of the world, or even an end to smiling. Modern dentistry has made it an inconvenience easily fixed. Simply consult your dentist to find the best option to suit your needs.

How an Implant can work to restore your mouth in Central Leeds

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

595603_blogTooth loss can have quite a dramatic affect on you psychologically and physically in central Leeds; not only can it affect your appearance when you smile and appear in public, but it can also knock your confidence for six. However, once you have come to terms with the situation, you would be wise to seek a way of getting through it. Implants are a brilliant way to restore your mouth as they can be used in all the fields of tooth loss once they have been put in. They can help to anchor dental bridges, dentures or just single crowns but in any case, they will give you back freedom to your mouth again. In just an hour, implants can be fitted into your jawbone via simple laser surgery which will do very little damage, so you will heal quickly afterwards. They are incredibly strong little things and once they are in, they will give you comfort throughout your life. This has become an easy treatment to do and many dentists offer it in the city, so go along and have a chat with someone about getting this done and how you can pay for it; not the cheapest option but it is one of the best.


What you need to know about Dental Implants in the City of Leeds

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

2797271_blogIf you have gone through the unpleasant nature of tooth loss in the city of Leeds of late, there are quite a few reasons to tackle it and replace any holes in your smile. The most obvious is cosmetic and by sealing up gaps will maintain your smile and reduce premature ageing in the skin as it sags into the gaps; another reason for getting ‘new’ teeth is to maintain the health of your ‘bite’. The dental implant is probably one of the most solid methods you can choose to battle back against tooth loss and today, this has become a very slick and quick procedure. After some digital images are taken, then a laser can make a tiny incision through the gums and into the jaw, and then the titanium implant can be set precisely into place. This only takes around an hour to do and considering laser surgery does miniscule damage, healing will be fast afterwards. The type of implant used will depend on just what method you and your dentist have opted for to replace your missing tooth or teeth. But the treatment is very versatile and can be used with crowns, bridges and even with dentures for a solid, life-long and care-free fitting.

What you need to know about Dental Implants in the City of Leeds

Friday, October 4th, 2013

2977218_blogIf you want to find a solid and reliable way of getting through the woeful time of tooth-loss in the city of Leeds, then you should first discuss with your dentist about being kitted out with a dental implant or two. It isn’t the cheapest of treatments, but it is by far and away the best. Once this tiny little implant has been set into the jawbone and you have allowed time for it to bed in and heal, it will support any choice of fitting you go for with incredible strength and reliability- in fact, it will be with you for life and reward you with incredible freedom, whether you use it with dentures, a bridge or a crown. Of course, it may take time for the body to adjust and people’s bodies will react differently to having something unusual screwed in, and for some, there may be a reaction to it being fitted. Generally though, the use of titanium agrees with the body, so you will get through it after having it put in place and you should recover quickly. One thing is for sure, you will never look back after it is in.

Recovering from a Knocked out Tooth in Central Leeds

Friday, August 17th, 2012

If you happen to find yourself in the situation of having a tooth knocked out in central Leeds, it can put you in a position of shock and the fact that you have lost a tooth, very angry and annoyed, but did you know if you act quickly, the tooth can actually be saved by putting it back in?

It isn’t the easiest process but it can be done. You must avoid touching the root and ensure it is clean by rinsing in milk or warm salty water and once you have done this, you need to find a dentist immediately.

Of course, that’s all well and good, but the shock of all this may make it difficult to replace in the mouth. In this event, you still have a good 20 hours to get to the dentist or doctor to have it popped back in. the tooth must be kept in either some sort of saline solution or milk- that’s if they can be found on the streets at 3am in the morning- and if not, the tooth can be kept in the mouth until you can get seen.

Surprisingly, the tooth can be saved if you can get immediate treatment and it will sit happy in the gum once more.


The benefits of a Dental Bridge in Central Leeds

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

One of the ways we exist and get better in life is to evolve, adjust and be open to trying new ideas- and then embrace them. The world of technology is the same; it keeps a good idea and then improves on it, as with dentistry.

The dental bridge for example, has been around in central Leeds for decades, as it is a proven approach to tooth loss. Of course, new materials to make bridges from have evolved, as has the use of dental implants- two important elements which have help to keep the bridge at the forefront of toot loss. Depending where your loss has occurred, there are a number of bridges to choose from.

If it is a single tooth gone missing, then you can have a new one bonded to the teeth with wires and resin, or, the more common method is to have a new one sandwiched between a couple of crowns that are cemented onto the teeth that remain in the mouth and in the case of multiple tooth loss, this bridge can be anchored over distance with a dental implant. Bridges look natural and are a fabulous way of putting the health and smile back into your mouth- they are also one of the cheapest.