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Get a Straighter Smile in Just Six Months!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

2823674_blogIf you thought wearing braces meant waiting years for results, we’ve got a surprise for you. Now you could have beautiful, straight teeth in just six months!

About Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a treatment system developed to provide people with a quick alternative to old-fashioned fixed braces. Six Month Smiles uses fixed braces made from tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to move the teeth at the front of the mouth. The treatment is able to work so much quicker than other fixed brace systems because it focuses only on the front teeth visible when you smile.

What are the advantages?

The system has many advantages. Firstly, treatment time is much shorter than other treatment systems, so you don’t have to endure months on end of wearing a brace or wait for ages reveal your new straight smile. Six Month Smiles braces are very subtle, made up of tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets and they use the latest technology to move the teeth painlessly. The brackets are small and light and they are easy to keep clean.

Am I a suitable candidate?

The treatment is suitable for many patients. It can benefit people who have gaps between their front teeth, certain problems relating to their bite, minor crowding and crooked front teeth, but it concentrates on the front teeth and if you have complex problems or issues affecting the teeth at the back of the mouth, this treatment may not be the best option. If you are not a suitable candidate, we will happily discuss other treatments with you and recommend others that would suit you better at City Dental in Leeds.

Six Month Smiles is an ideal option for people who have minor or moderate orthodontic problems and those who want to see results quickly. If you are preparing to look your best for a special occasion, such as a graduation ceremony or a wedding, this could be the perfect solution.

Fixing your teeth with the 6 Months Smile in Central Leeds

Friday, October 21st, 2011

There are many devices on the market in central Leeds that promise to straighten your teeth in all manner of ways, but if you have just the odd tooth or two that has been annoying you for years, the odd one crooked or misaligned, a few gaps, you may well like to ask your dentist about the 6 months smile, for it does exactly that- work in around six months. After some x-rays and a consultation, you’ll be fitted with the device. Now, it works just like old-fashioned braces, fits like old-fashioned braces, but it sure doesn’t look like old-fashioned braces as it uses tooth colored ceramic plates and braces. Once it’s in the mouth, you have to be extra vigilant with your cleaning and ensure that food is removed from around your mechanism- your dentist will be able to help and advise you here, and then off you go! Every month you will have to spend 15 minutes in the chair so that your dentist can adjust the tension of the wire. This device works on the theory that traditional braces work more gently and sympathetically on the teeth than some of the modern aligners, so the design has kept this in mind and taken the old-fashioned brace to the next level. And for around £2000, it comes in a lot cheaper than most others.

Leeds dentists offer amazing Six Months Smile treatment

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The prospect of wearing braces or aligners for up to three years puts many off orthodontic treatment. Imagine if your teeth could be straightened in a fraction of that time by a revolutionary process that is taking the dentistry world by storm. New to the UK, Six Months Smile has been offering American patients a discreet, comfortable and quick solution to crooked smiles. In only six months all of your teeth problems can be solved, allowing you to smile with confidence.

Whether you wish to overcome crowded teeth, overbite or problems with spacing, Six Months Smile reduces treatment time by 75% at roughly half the cost of traditional braces. Leeds dentists are now offering this astonishing treatment that will see you fitted with small, tooth-coloured brackets shipped directly from our dedicated US laboratories. Once fitted, just visit your dentist every four to five weeks for a fifteen minute appointment involving low-force adjustment and minimum discomfort and you will be on your way to the perfect smile.

Six Months Smile works by adjusting only the teeth which are on show when you smile, using special nickel titanium wires. Unlike traditional braces however, these wires are virtually invisible. How many of us have suffered from lack of confidence brought on by unsightly braces? This need no longer happen with six months smile and hundreds of patients in America have reaped the benefits of correcting crooked teeth with a product that is virtually invisible.

If you have been thinking about correcting your crooked smile but have been put off by the length of treatment and price of wearing braces, delay no longer. Ask your dentist today about Six Months Smile and achieve the perfect smile for your wedding or holiday.