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Hush-a-bye baby! Why you should be awake to the threat of Sleep Apnea in Central Leeds

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

4443553_blogIt is hard to think that simply by going to sleep at night in central Leeds could be possibly terminal for you in the end, but sleep apnea will get to you at some point if you have problems with your breathing. Snoring, obesity, or heavy medication interferes with your breathing and this may start to disturb your natural rhythm in the night. What happens when you sleep is pure mechanics; your mouth and nose takes in air and then goes to your lungs, pumps oxygen into the blood stream, through the heart and then into the brain that can then ensure your engine runs through the hours of darkness. Block off the air flow though and it puts extra pressure on all these organs; the brain has trouble deciphering the signals, the lungs are asking “where’s the air” and the heart is doing overtime to keep you going. Sleep apnea can stop you breathing for a good 30 seconds and if you don’t do something about it, well you will die in the end from it.

Sleep Apnea – Killing you gently in Central Leeds

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

The body has an incredible way of slipping itself into automatic and doing things that you may well be ignorant and oblivious to: sleep is a perfect example of this. Your heart brain and lungs work in perfect unison when you close your eyes at night, pushing air and blood silently around your system. The danger is though, it’s a healthy body that does this, obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle can chuck a spanner into the works and should any of this automated system become blocked, it places a big strain on the system as it tries hard to adjust- now you are running the gauntlet of sleep apnea…and it’s a killer in central Leeds. Over a long period of imbalance, the stresses of the system will become too much and it’s normally the heart that gives up first. A blockage to the air taken in through your mouth can cause the breathing to literally halt for up to 30 seconds and though you may be blissfully unaware whilst you sleep, the heart and brain panics- ‘where’s my air and blood?!!’ and then they have to put in an extra shift to fire you up again. In time, it your breathing will then become adjusted to this and you will soon be breathing to this new stressful regime during the day too: all the time, your heart will become overworked and fail. You will also find yourself moody and fatigued. Only by seeing your dentist and doctor will you be able to undergo monitored sleep therapy and be able to tackle the problem. The scary thing is though being able to identify it in the first place.


The evil of Sleep Apnea in Central Leeds

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

When someone hears of an elderly person dying in their sleep, it’s normally followed up with the comment ‘it’s a peaceful way to go’….yeah that is if you are old. But it’s not what you want if you have a lot of years in front of you, even if it is a peaceful way to go. Lurking in central Leeds is a silent killer that does just that though- sleep apnea. This condition cannot be picked up by doctors directly and apart from a few symptoms, you wouldn’t pick it up either, especially if you live alone. When you shut down to sleep, the vital organs kick-in to regulate your breathing: the brain will send signals to the lungs to keep breathing, which supplies oxygen to the heart and then back again- all three work together. However, throw an obstacle into the equation and over time, the system will fail and you could get to die in your sleep. This obstacle normally comes at the point that air goes into the body- the nose and mouth. If you snore, it could be a symptom, but if you are extremely fatigued during the day, it’s a sign that you are sleeping uncomfortably and that you need to turn your life around. A dentist can supply you with devices to help with your breathing and through a doctor, you can find out through a sleep therapy course the extent of the problem, but if you smoke and drink heavily, and are overweight, it is your lifestyle that also needs addressing in the end.


The dangers to the Heart from Sleep Apnea in Leeds

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

There are a lot of things that go on in our bodies that we take for granted in Leeds; from walking, talking, digesting…we just expect our bodies to perform naturally, and this also goes for when we fall asleep at night, we naturally assume we’ll wake up the next morning rejuvenated. However, if you find yourself waking up with headaches, still tired, grumpy and then as the day progresses, you still feel fatigued, then this is a sign that your body may not be working quite so naturally when you were asleep and, you may be suffering from Sleep Apnea. This is a condition that involves the way the brainstem regulates the breathing in the lungs and then the way the blood is pumped around the body by the heart, and if one part of this is interfered with, it can intermittently stop you breathing up to 10 seconds at a time and as all three of these organs rely on each other to function, the whole body can become confused. This is extremely dangerous because it can lead to the heart failing altogether. One of the main ways is to keep the airwaves free at night; a dentist can prescribe a device to aid the breathing, in some cases, medication can help, but in serious cases, surgery may be required

City of Leeds dentists are knowledgeable about the links between dental health and your general health

Friday, September 16th, 2011

58All of your body is linked together in one system and a problem in one part can affect the smooth running of other parts of the body. Dentists are keen to let their patients know this so that they can be aware of the added importance of maintaining their good oral health. Read on to find about some examples of the links between dental health and the general health of your body.
If you are prone to grinding your teeth during your sleep (the condition is known technically as bruxism) then you might be affecting the nerves in your neck and shoulder. This is because TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder can result, putting pressure on these nerves.
In another example, if you experience sleep apnea because of a problem with the muscles at the rear of the mouth which are restricting the flow of oxygen during sleep then there might be serious consequences which extend well beyond the area of the mouth. Hypertension can occur because the interruptions to sleep and heart attacks and strokes become greater risks to the patient.
Untreated tooth abscesses can also cause problems for bodily health. The body is connected by many miles of blood vessels and if an infection in the tooth is left to get worse then the blood can carry it around the body.
Getting regular check ups from your dentist in the City of Leeds is absolutely vital in the light of all this and not just to keep your mouth in good health. If it has been a while, book an appointment today.

Getting to grips with Sleep Apnea in Central Leeds

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

When we pack down for the night in central Leeds, the body goes into automatic and the heart, the brain and the lungs take over. All of these three units work together to regulate the breathing as you sleep. However, if there is a blockage somewhere down the line, especially in the mouth, these three start to work in an irregular fashion that makes the breathing intermittent; snoring is one of the side effects. Dentists are well aware of this problem because they realise what the overall downside is. Keeping your teeth free from gum disease prevents poisoning of the heart and allows you to sleep peacefully. But that’s not the only way to fight this problem- sleep apnea works in mysterious ways. It can cause breathing to become so irregular, it can give you a terrible night’s sleep. And the way you wake too can affect the heart as you pull out of the sleep. Over a sustained period of time, all of the major three units will start to operate dysfunction ally causing a total brake down in the sleep pattern and then your health will deteriorate,: poor sleep will show itself through stress and mood swings. Other than keeping yourself healthy and once the problem has been identified, your dentist will prescribe devices to wear at night to support the flow of air to the lungs. If this fails to work, an operation may be required.

Leeds dentists warn patients that sleep apnea can lead to heart failure

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Your dentist has all sorts of things to look out for in your mouth when you go and see him or her for your six month check up. Things like tooth decay and gum disease are obvious but many people don’t know that dentists can also spot the signs of sleep apnea, a debilitating condition which interrupts sleep. Read on to find out more information about it.
Sleep apnea occurs when muscles at the rear of patient’s mouth relax too much during sleep and oxygen is unable to get into the body. The brain will send a signal to wake up the body every time this happens so patient’s sleep can be severely disrupted. In some cases patients are unaware that they are actually waking up, they are more drifting into a lighter state of sleep but feel very tired during the day.
All of this means that sleep apnea patients have an increased risk of hypertension to contend with. Heart attacks and strokes become a greater concern too as well as the general fatigue they will experience. Leeds dentists can help to diagnose sleep apnea by examining the muscles in question during one of the six months check-ups which should be part of your routine.
Sleep apnea can be combatted by the wearing of one of several inter oral devices during sleep. In their various forms they ensure that oxygen get flow into the lungs unimpeded. Sometimes it might be a case of recognising what is causing your sleep apnea in the first place and then making the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Drinking alcohol before sleep can be a contributing factor and smokers are more prone to sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea and your teeth in Central Leeds

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Sleep apnea is one of those conditions, like snoring and teeth grinding that you may be blissfully unaware of, until you happen to share a room with another person. It is a condition that refers to the irregularity of the way you breathe- more commonly recognised as the pauses between breathing or it can be abnormally slow breathing, whilst sleeping. When you ‘drop off’ at night, you’re body goes into automatic. Your brain signals the lungs to draw air, so that the heart can continue to pump blood around the body. Stop the flow of air and all three hit the panic button, as they all rely on each other to function. You really, needn’t be told how serious an irregular heartbeat can be, especially when you are unconscious, because you can’t do anything about. If you are showing signs of extreme tiredness and fatigue when you wake and that persists throughout the day, you may be a victim of sleep apnea. Firstly, you may be referred to a sleep clinic to assess the problem, after which it can be treated- though there are a lot of methods to address the problem. Lifestyle and diet change are the more common suggestions after you have put yourself through a life management program. Exercise is also recommended, to understand the way you breathe. A dentist can also recommend a breathing device along with certain medications to keep the airways free at night. More radically, the problem may require surgery.

Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure in Leeds

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

A lot of people in Leeds live alone these days, that’s not to say that they aren’t happy with the arrangement, but it does make them vulnerable when it comes to problems that occur in the body while they sleep. You may not know if you snore, which is fine, because you don’t have a long term suffering partner that has to deal with it. But irregular sleeping patterns can lead to serious health issues. One of the symptoms is tiredness and extreme fatigue throughout the day, which may indicate the presence of sleep apnea. The heart, lungs and heart monitor each other as you sleep and rely on communication. Break the cycle and the system is in danger of shutting down altogether. Which is why it’s important to keep the airwaves free from blockage, because as soon as the air stops getting to the brain, it panics and sends emergency signals to the heart to pump more blood and air around the body. If any of these elements break down and the breathing stops, so will the heart, which then becomes life threatening. You can cope with irregular breathing when awake, because you are conscious of the problem. When you are asleep however, you are reliant on your heart, brain, lungs that in turn rely on the intake of air into the body. Breathing problems can be addressed by consulting with your dentist who may well prescribe a device to enable you to breathe more freely. This is also important for the flow of saliva in the mouth too, keeping your mouth and teeth in a natural state of flux to aid your breathing.

Oral problems and your general health: City of Leeds dentists explain the links to patients

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

All the different parts of your body are linked together in innumerable ways, through the blood stream, nervous system and beyond. No part of your body is an island, isolated from the rest of it and a problem in one part of your body can affect others. You should get any health problems treated so it cannot affect the rest of you. This is true of your mouth as much as anywhere else as oral hygiene problems can become concerns for other parts of you beyond just your mouth.
If you have an infection or abscess form in your mouth it can begin to affect other parts of your body, by flowing through the blood stream. It is vital then that you get it dealt with. If a blood clot forms as a result of an abscess in your mouth, it can have major implications for the rest of you.
Apnea is a concern for dentists, particularly sleep apnea, because it is caused by the muscles at the rear of the mouth relaxing during sleep and restricting the flow of oxygen to the lungs. This condition, as well as disrupting sleep in the most inconvenient of fashions, can have a serious impact on the lives of patients. It has been linked to heart failure to and strokes brought on by the hypertension caused by the lack of proper sleep.
All of which serves as a further remind to visit your City of Leeds dentist every six months to have your mouth checked out by a trained professional. With their expert diagnosis and treatment they can ensure that any problems are stamped out before they can affect your general health.