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How About a Magical Makeover This Christmas?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

3884462_blogChristmas is coming and it’s time to start writing lists and thinking about gifts for those special people in your life. If you’re looking to treat somebody this Christmas and want to give them a unique, precious present that will make them smile like the Cheshire Cat, why not consider a magical makeover? What could be better than treating somebody you love to a sensational new smile?

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is made up of a series of dental treatments and the aim is to transform the teeth into a radiant, beautiful smile. At City Dental Leeds, we are lucky to have an array of treatments at our disposal. We offer a bespoke service that recognises that every patient is unique. We invite you to share your ideas, bring in pictures and offer input at the planning stage, so that we get the end result right. We want you to be completely happy with your new smile.

Every smile makeover is different and we can use varied combinations of treatment depending on your budget and what you want to achieve from your makeover. Some people may go for veneers, bonding and whitening, while others may opt for implants or cosmetic braces. The aim of every makeover is to make your dental dreams come true. We want you to walk out into the street showing off that amazing new smile of yours.

If you’re looking for a gift that will show somebody how much you care about them, give the gift of a new smile. Your smile is your most important attribute, and there’s nothing better than spreading smiles at Christmas. If you’d like to find out more about smile makeovers, or you’re interested giving a makeover as a gift, simply call reception or pop into the clinic. We’ll be delighted to talk you through some options and give you more information.

Make Your Smile Sparkle This Summer

Monday, June 6th, 2016

3170978_blogThe sun is shining and many of us are looking forward to packing suitcases and jetting off on holiday to enjoy a summer of fun. So what better time to showcase a new smile? If you fancy transforming your teeth with the latest treatments or you’ve been longing for a dream smile for years, now is the time to call and set the ball rolling! With our smile makeovers, you could soon be showing off a flawless smile in perfect time for those all important holiday snaps.

Our smile makeovers

We are proud of our personalised smile makeover service, which offers clients the opportunity to enjoy a brand new smile and high levels of confidence. Our makeovers can change lives, as many patients who come to us have been hiding their smile away for years and we are confident that we can produce a perfect outcome for every individual client.

We use many different treatments and techniques for our makeovers and we have a range of restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic options at hand. We have solutions for any kind of aesthetic problem and we take time to chat with our patients, look at photographs of smiles they like and choose treatments to design the ideal smile.

Which treatments will I have?

The range of treatments on offer reflects the varying demands and needs of our patients and every smile makeover we do is slightly different for this reason. One patient may need completely different treatments to the next and we understand that everyone’s perception of a perfect smile is different.

We have an array of cosmetic, orthodontic and restorative treatments on offer, including porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, cosmetic bonding, while fillings, crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, Inman Aligner treatment and gum reshaping.

With so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose your treatments, but often, the options become much clearer once you have an idea of the look you want and we have discussed the changes you want to make. We can explore the different treatments, talk to you about how they work, how long they take and how much they cost and make recommendations based on your current oral health status and the look of your smile, the amount you want to spend and your preferred treatment time.

Top Smile Makeover Treatments

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

529808_blogOne of the most popular treatments at the moment in cosmetic dentistry is a smile makeover. This can involve a wide variety of procedures designed to improve your smile and can mean different things to different people.

The most common assumption is that the treatment is always aimed at getting that perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile, but many patients simply want to make improvements on their current look. This could be a teeth whitening procedure or the replacement of amalgam fillings with composite or porcelain.


For patients from Leeds wanting a celebrity smile, the treatment can involve porcelain veneers. This is similar to a false fingernail placed on top of the teeth, usually for aesthetic purposes. They are held in place by a strong, glue-like bonding agent and help make the teeth look healthy and natural. They can also improve the position and shape of your smile.

The dentist initially removes a very thin sliver of the enamel on the outside of the tooth and then makes a mould of the mouth. The patient is then given a temporary veneer to wear until the permanent one is made. This procedure is usually completed within two hours.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done at different levels and for different costs. One of the lowest cost options is a home whitening kit. This involves placing a gel into a tray, which you can wear in your sleep or for a few hours during the day. This is cheaper but takes up more time and is not always as effective as procedures undertaken by your dental practitioner.

Whitening treatment can also be done using a chemical bleaching technique that can take several visits to complete. Another treatment becoming more popular in recent years is a one-hour ‘power whitening’ procedure. Gums and lips are covered and then a gel is applied to your teeth. A light is then shone on the teeth to activate the gel, penetrating the teeth and breaking up stains and discolouration.

One thing is for sure: whatever level you choose and whatever your reasons for having it done, studies show that recipients of such treatment are much more confident with their smile.

Show Your Loved One You Care With a Surprise Smile Makeover This Christmas

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

3884462_blogIf you’re wracking your brains for a special and unique gift for a loved one this Christmas, a dental clinic may not seem like the most obvious place to shop. However, we can offer a gift that will truly transform your loved one’s Christmas and make them look and feel amazing for many years to come. Our bespoke smile makeovers are the ultimate treat for the special someone you want to spoil at Christmas time.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a combination of dental treatments designed to create an incredible new smile. All our smile makeovers are bespoke, so every one is different. We select treatments based on a number of factors, including your oral health status, your treatment aims, your budget and whether you have any preferences or requirements, such as a limited time-frame, for example.

Using the latest dental treatments, we can transform even the most unsightly teeth into a radiant new smile – a gift nobody would turn down at Christmas.

Smile makeover treatments

We have an extensive array of treatments on offer, all of which may be included in a custom-designed smile makeover. Popular options include:

  • teeth whitening
  • bridges and crowns
  • white fillings
  • cosmetic braces
  • dental implants
  • veneers
  • cosmetic bonding
  • gum contouring

We tailor each makeover to suit the needs and preferences of the individual and are thorough during the planning stage to ensure we get everything just right. Using smile imaging, we can show you how different treatments would affect the aesthetic of your smile and then create a digital impression of what your smile will look like once treatment has finished and your makeover is complete.

If you’d like to find out more about smile makeovers or are interested in giving your loved one a spectacular gift this Christmas, call us today!

Magical Makeovers to Transform Your Smile

Monday, July 20th, 2015

529808_blogSometimes a single treatment just won’t do and you need to treat your teeth to a total transformation. Our amazing smile makeovers are designed to bring you the perfect smile. We offer a bespoke service and we use a range of restorative and orthodontic treatments in addition to the latest cosmetic innovations to make your dreams come true and achieve a magical makeover. If you’re sick of hiding away from the camera, feel self-conscious when doing presentations or interviews or  suffer from low confidence when your smile is visible, now is the time to take the plunge and give us a call!

About smile makeovers

Smile makeovers, as the name suggests, are designed to makeover your smile to turn chipped, worn, crooked or missing teeth into beautiful pearly whites that make you feel proud when you smile. The idea of a makeover is to address cosmetic flaws and issues that affect the aesthetic of the smile using a range of treatments. The aim is to produce a stunning, radiant smile

We have a broad spectrum of treatment options available to our patients, including cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic solutions. The combination of treatments selected is usually dependent on the individual’s dental needs and oral health status, the kinds of issues they wish to address, their budget and any additional preferences or requirements, for example a desired time frame.

Some of our most popular smile makeover treatments include:

  • teeth whitening
  • porcelain veneers
  • porcelain crowns
  • dental bridges, dentures and dental implants
  • cosmetic braces such as the Inman Aligner, STb Social 6 braces and Six Month Smiles
  • cosmetic bonding
  • gum contouring
  • white fillings

If you would like to find out more about our smile makeover service, learn about the treatment options and start designing your flawless new smile, call us today and book your consultation. Within a few weeks or months, you could be enjoying a brand new look and showing off a fantastic new smile!

Popular Smile Makeover Treatments We Love

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

529808_blogOver the course of the last few years cosmetic dentistry has become incredibly popular and we see more and more patients who dream of a perfect looking smile. With our bespoke smile makeover service, we are able to make dreams come true! We have an array of state of the art treatments on offer and we are confident in achieving a flawless result every time.

If you lack confidence because of dental issues, hide your smile away or long for a celebrity style smile, call us now! We can transform your teeth, boost your confidence and ensure you never have to hide that smile away again.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental service that comprises of multiple treatments. The aim of treatment is to produce a beautiful new smile that matches the individual patient’s idea of a perfect set of pearly whites. We have a range of treatments to be used as part of a makeover and we use advanced imaging and design concepts to plan the treatment processes and draw up the perfect template. We spend a long time talking to our clients to establish the look they dream of and we work together to come up with a stunning smile. Every smile makeover we do is different as our service is custom-designed to suit the individual.

Popular smile makeover treatments

Our most popular smile makeover treatments include:

  • teeth whitening
  • porcelain veneers
  • gum re-shaping
  • composite bonding
  • porcelain crowns and bridges
  • white fillings

We also offer dentures, dental implants, cosmetic braces and general dentistry services to treat any underlying or existing dental health problems prior to cosmetic treatment.

The treatments you choose will usually reflect your dental needs. You may also factor in treatment duration and cost when selecting your makeover treatments.

If you’re looking to spring clean your smile, call us today and book your consultation!

Looking for a Spring Smile Makeover? Your Search is Over!

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

2904346_blogSpring is a good time to sort things out, make changes and plan ahead for a memorable summer, so what better time to take the plunge and go for that smile makeover you’ve been dreaming of for years? Our smile makeovers are designed to create your dream smile. With your ideas and our expertise, we’ll have you beaming from ear to ear in no time.

About smile makeovers

Smile makeovers are a popular cosmetic aiming to address flaws and enhance the natural beauty of the teeth to create a perfect new smile. Whether you struggle with broken, chipped or missing teeth, have crooked/crowded teeth or you simply long for a flawless celebrity-style smile, we have the perfect treatments for you.

Every smile makeover we perform is different because our clients have different needs and ideas. One makeover may address issues such as staining, worn surfaces and a broken tooth, while another may provide solutions for crooked, uneven and decayed teeth.

The treatment phases

The consultation and planning phase is really important for a smile makeover and we use this time to share ideas and inspiration and assess your needs to see which treatments will suit you best. Often, our clients have a date or budget in mind and we can adapt the components of the makeover to fit in with every client’s preferences.

Once we have chosen the treatments and created a tailor-made treatment plan, the exciting part can begin and we will start to book procedures and schedule appointments. We will talk you through the process step by step so that you are fully aware of what is going to happen when and we will carry out the individual treatments to achieve your ideal outcome. Once all the treatments have been completed, you will be able to see your amazing new smile!

Call now to spring clean those pearly whites and get a gorgeous smile in time for the summer!

New Year, new you! Smile Makeovers in the heart of Leeds

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

4865112_blogThe New Year is in full swing and if you’re looking to make changes to your appearance to increase your confidence in pursuit of a dream promotion or a perfect date, then what better way than with a brand new smile? Our smile makeovers in the centre of Leeds are designed to enable you to design and enjoy the perfect smile. We offer a vast range of treatments to help you create your perfect smile, from cosmetic braces and new restorations, to dental implants, tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding. Our aim is to provide you with a smile that you’ve always dreamed of and to ensure that you feel confident every time you show off your new smile. There is a huge scope when it comes to designing a new smile and the treatments you choose will reflect many factors, including the state and health of your teeth, the problems you wish to correct and the amount of money you want to spend. Smile makeovers can be relatively simple or very complex and they can take anywhere from a single day to several months, depending on your needs and preferences. Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and if you’re fed up of shying away because you’re conscious that you don’t have the most attractive smile, now is the time to do something about it! Call today to find out how a smile makeover could transform your smile, and the year ahead.

Happiness is a Smile Makeover in the City of Leeds

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

2904387_blogIf you are constantly in the public eye in the city of Leeds and the way you express yourself is part of your job and your existence, then the way you portray yourself is vital. This doesn’t just apply to the way you adorn yourself with clothes and hold your hair- it also means the way you smile. If this image of your is that important, then you need to make sure your teeth are up to scratch and if they aren’t and you need a quite a bit of work done, then sign up for a complete smile makeover with your dentist and get the complete package for a set price- get them into shape. Braces and aligners will address any crooked teeth; bridges, dentures and implants with crowns will sort out any tooth loss that may have occurred. Teeth whitening and veneers/cosmetic bonding will deal with discolouration or wear and tear and have your mouth sparkling again. All of this can be done quickly and painlessly and you will be rejuvenated once it is all over. Of course it doesn’t just stop there; dentists can also work on your face as well with BOTOX and dermal fillers to rid you of those horrible wrinkles caused by the onset of age. This is a golden age of dentistry right now so take advantage of it and make yourself look and feel the best you can offer.

Raise Your Confidence with Smile Makeovers from your City of Leeds Dentist

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Your smile presents your personality to the world. Hiding your smile will make it hard to connect with people and enjoy life. If you don’t think your smile does you justice you should talk to your City of Leeds dentist about getting a smile makeover. Growing in popularity, the cosmetic smile makeover can give you new life and confidence by slightly altering the teeth, gums and lips to form the smile that suits you.

There is no one single treatment that is a smile makeover. Each person has the possibility of utilising a wide range of procedures to fit their own unique specifications. If you have severely damaged or broken teeth your dentist may offer you bridges or dentures as a replacement. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be made straight with the right type of bracers. New composite resin can be used in a variety of ways to fix and improve numerous dental problems. Coffee, wine and soft drinks can stain your teeth over time, the discolouration can fade the natural white colour into a dull, murky shade. Your dentist can use veneers or whitener to give you back a bright, white colour.

The length of time the process will take is completely dependent on the amount of work you which to have done. The best place to start is with a consultation with your local dentist. Together you can talk through all the possibilities that are on offer and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any queries you may have. A new you is just round the corner with a smile makeover.