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Kicking back at Tooth Decay in Central Leeds

Monday, January 27th, 2014

464425_blogIf there is one thing that you are never going to avoid at some point in your life in central Leeds, it’s tooth decay. The problem is a result of a combination of things- bacteria, plaque, poor oral hygiene and failure to see your dentist. Bacteria will settle around your teeth, making it a strong possibility that plaque and tartar will breakout; the acids from these will soon start eating away at the teeth’s enamel. Caries may form and if it continues, these will eat through and infect the pulp and roots inside. This is why you should always be on the ball with your oral hygiene and remove these acids the best you can so that you ensure things don’t reach this level- and you’ll know if they do because your teeth will suffer from shooting pains whenever they come into contact with anything. If you also keep visiting your dentist, the early signs of tooth decay will be spotted and treated accordingly. If you get the problem in its early stages, your dentist may only need to administer you a filling, but a root canal will be required if the inside becomes infected. There is another more dangerous aspect to tooth decay; if you simply ignore it, you run the risk of getting an abscess and this is a dangerous condition that you will want to avoid, for in some cases they have proved to be fatal.

Taking-on Teeth Decay in Central Leeds

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

1788888_blogThere are lots and lots of things that can go wrong with in your mouth in central Leeds and it starts with a combination of poor oral hygiene, the build-up of plaque and the lack of dental visits. If you don’t keep control of cleaning your teeth properly, then film and acids will build up on the surfaces of your teeth. This in turn can lead to caries but inevitably, the enamel of your teeth will soon start to be eaten away and then, decay will set in. If you go to your dentists regularly, this will be spotted, but if you ignore this situation, these caries and acids will break through the surfaces of the teeth and poison the pulp and roots inside. Now you are teetering with danger, because although a root canal can help to save the tooth at this stage, you have still opened a dangerous can of worms that could lead to an abscess and periodontal disease if you don’t change your ways. Teeth decay is and indicator of worse things to come and if you don’t counter it quickly, it could spell danger for your oral health in the future.


Handling a Rotten Tooth in Central Leeds

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

4868361_blogA rotten tooth is the direct result of terribly poor oral hygiene in central Leeds but if you don’t act on it, it can lead to horrible complications in the future. A tooth becomes rotten when plaque is not removed from around it: plaque is the start of all evil in the mouth and if you don’t brush your teeth properly, it will leap in with gay abandon. Caries will first start to appear and then you will need a filling; left any longer though and the decay will get inside your tooth and poison the pulp and the roots, Now you are in gum disease and abscess world and you really don’t want to be going down this avenue at all- because both are vicious and dangerous to your health. As long as you maintain a high level of oral hygiene at home and watch what you put in your mouth each day, you should fend off any threat of decay attacking your teeth. However, your dentist is your best ally on this front; just a quick look will determine if anything is going wrong, and if it has, it will be fixed quickly- but don’t take any chances when your teeth show signs of going rotten.


Taking on the problem of Tooth Decay in Leeds

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

468416_blogPretty much everyone in Leeds will suffer from some level of tooth decay at some point in their lives. Most of it is manageable if you put the work in, and you always have your dentist to save the day if need be. But that doesn’t mean you should ever get complacent about decay. A simple filling may suffice in the beginning, but if you ignore the fact that you are getting a bit of tooth ache, the decay will then force its way inside your tooth and infect it. Now you will need a root canal if you have any chance of avoiding tooth loss and the possibility of an abscess breaking out, but at this point though, you may also be susceptible to gum and periodontal disease and if it gets to this level, it will take a monumental effort from your dentist to help you out of this mess. Talk to your dentist, find out all you can about symptoms and how to care for your oral health, otherwise you will be in a world of hurt in the future…plus you will lose your teeth and that will impact on the health throughout your body as well, not to mention your self confidence whenever you go to smile at someone.


Finding the Answers to problems in your Mouth in Central Leeds

Friday, July 19th, 2013

1787127_blogWe strive hard in central Leeds to care for our oral hygiene throughout our lives by having a balanced lifestyle that includes a good diet and by ensuring our teeth and gums are clean. However, this can often go awry; things can go wrong in the mouth quickly and soon, one thing will lead to another and the complications will escalate. All problems stem from the build-up of plaque around the teeth and then you run the risk of tooth decay setting in- the first signs being tooth pain. However, it also means that unless you sort out the decay with your dentist, there is a chance that the gums may become diseased as well. Now this is quite a dangerous duo because it indicates that your mouth is becoming unhealthy and then, you will be setting yourself up with an abscess- and this can be lethal. Any sign of problem will require assistance from your dentist from the outset. You should also get some advice about how to avoid problems like this in the future; you will need to change your lifestyle, drop the bad habits and greatly improve your oral hygiene by getting new and different products and then learn how to use them correctly for the best results.

Tossing out Tooth Decay in Leeds

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Tooth decay is one of the prime evils in the mouth to try to avoid whenever possible as it can lead, in the long run, to tooth loss. Yet it also manages to slip in very quickly if you drop your guard for around 24 hours. We try desperately to keep this at bay with our daily oral regime yet the problem is ever present and if anything, on the increase inLeeds. What causes it is the build up of bacteria and acids on the surfaces of the teeth with only one thing in mind, to eat through the enamel and infect the inside of the tooth. The early signs that tooth decay is on the prowl is when a tooth looks blotchy or darkens in colour. This will be followed by shooting pains through the tooth whenever you bite down on it, or expose it to contrasting temperatures. In its early stages it can be picked up in an x-ray and treated with a filling, but if any further takes place, the inside of the tooth will become infected and you will need a root canal to save it. At this juncture you could be risking further tragedy: you are in grave danger of an abscess forming below the tooth and you will be leaving yourself wide open to periodontal disease that eats away at the jaw bone, and also gum disease, that will not only infect your gums, but some of the most vital organs in your body as well.

Tackling Tooth Decay In Leeds

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Through all of the cleaning that you do to your teeth when you are at home, you are trying to stop ugly issues cropping up in your mouth. The products to help you in your crusade are everywhere and jump out at you whenever you go shopping in Leeds, so there should be no reason why you should have poor oral hygiene. You also have your dentist to help you along if you come unstuck. But life isn’t so black and white, in a matter of days of you coming of the oral hygiene wagon, plaque is waiting behind the scenes and ready to unleash its army of gum disease and tooth decay into your mouth. With tooth decay, it starts with the build-up of acids on your teeth and if left to their own devices, these acids will eat their way through the enamel and into the teeth: the obvious early symptoms of this will be pain. A filling or a root canal will be needed if the problem has reached this stage and this can help to save any infected tooth from further damage, even loss. It can also prevent further teeth from suffering the same fate and stop infection in the gums.


Looking out for Tooth Decay in Leeds

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The fight against tooth decay in Leeds seems like a never ending battle at times, but unfortunately it is and something you should always be on your guard against because no matter how well you care for your teeth and gums a carry out your daily oral hygiene tasks, bacteria will start working again as soon as your back is turned.

This bacteria will start to form acids from food and drink deposits left in the mouth and it is these acids that set to work on the surfaces of your teeth, eating through the enamel until it makes a breakthrough and then the inside of the tooth becomes infected. The thing is you may be blissfully unaware that anything is going on until you start to feel shooting pains when you eat and drink or when the tooth is exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

Regular dental visits should eliminate this as your dentist should pick up on any signs of tooth decay.If the problem is detected in its early stages, a simple filling will remedy the situation, but if the decay has been allowed to progress, root canal treatment is called for in order that the tooth can be saved. Regular cleaning is the only way to combat the problem although you can have dental sealants on the surface of the teeth that protects the enamel from acid attacks.

Oral Health-Total Health, What is the Link between the Two in Leeds?

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It has been known for many years that the oral cavity is the main gateway to the body for infectious diseases. It should not therefore come as a surprise that oral hygiene can play a role in the overall health and well-being of an individual.

Dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay have recently been linked to several other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The risk of heat disease (heart attacks, strokes etc) can be increased in patients who suffer from gum disease, either through inflammation of the blood vessels or due to bacteria travelling in the blood stream and contributing to the formation of blood clots.

Diabetes has also been linked to problems with dental hygiene. It has been shown that individuals who suffer from diabetes have a much higher risk of developing gum disease; diabetes depresses the immune system and automatically puts sufferers at danger from infections. With low control over blood-sugar levels, diabetes patients are at risk of more frequent and more aggressive cases of gum disease, sometimes leading to loss of teeth.

In addition, it has been found that pregnant women in Leeds who suffer from gum disease are seven times more likely to give birth prematurely and to a baby of low weight.

It can therefore be concluded that good oral hygiene is imperative for maintaining over-all good health and to lower the risk of developing related diseases. In order to ensure proper dental hygiene,   one must brush and floss daily in order to remove bacteria and plaque from the teeth and gums. It is also important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to reduce the amount of sugar that enters your mouth and damages your teeth. Finally, bad habits such as smoking or the use of tobacco-based substances should be stopped as not only are they bad for your general health, they are detrimental with respect to your oral hygiene too.



Perfecting Oral Hygiene in Leeds

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Beautiful teeth are a labor of love and an ongoing project in Leeds that, if you get right from the start of time, will keep your teeth in your mouth until the end of time. Talking about oral hygiene and getting back to basics can sound like you have to be taught at school again, but for some, it needs to be done. Most of us think that if we just buy the products and chuck them into our mouths that that should be enough to halt the onset of tooth decay and gum disease; however the stark reality is different. We have to make sure we are brushing correctly with the right brush, with the right toothpaste and then floss afterwards-after all the products are there to choose from. If you find yourself having to have something done to your teeth each time you go to your dentist, then it means you are getting it wrong at home so you should really sit down with your dentist and work out between the two of you what it is that you do to your teeth on a daily basis. Oral hygiene is not just about the obvious cleaning process, it is also about diet and lifestyle too- so it is all about getting the perfect balance.