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Heavenly Hygienists Can Put You On The Road To Dental Recovery

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

585804_blogWe are proud to have excellent dental hygienists as part of our dental team. Hygienists are experts in oral hygiene and they help to prevent and treat oral diseases. Our hygienists work with our dentists and nurses to promote good oral health, encourage positive habits and keep oral diseases at bay.

Should I see a dental hygienist?

Many people assume that they only need to see a dental hygienist if they have gum disease or problems like bad breath, but the reality is that every single dental patient can benefit from a trip to the hygienist. This is because dental hygienists provide very powerful cleaning treatments, which are designed to blitz the mouth and remove traces of bacteria, plaque and tartar. This reduces the risk of oral health illnesses and also targets problems such as surface staining, to give your teeth a beautiful healthy glow.

What services do dental hygienists offer?

Our dental hygienists provide an extensive range of treatments, including preventative services, gum disease treatment, cleaning treatments, oral health education and advice and bad breath clinics. Our hygienists work with dentists to treat and manage gum disease and they also provide cleaning treatments, including scale and polish, to prevent and treat decay and bad breath.

We welcome patients of all ages and we often recommend preventative treatment for children, including fluoride varnish and sealant treatment. These treatments help to protect the teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay.

How often should I see a hygienist?

If you have existing dental troubles, we will probably recommend frequent sessions with our hygienists. If you have good oral health, an annual session will be hugely beneficial.

How Can A Hygienist Help Me Here In Heartland Leeds?

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

585811_blogMany people are aware of the benefits of having a check-up every 6-9 months, but you may not be as familiar with the advantages of seeing a dental hygienist. Our amazing hygienists offer a wide range of treatments and services and regular sessions can be highly beneficial for all patients, including those who already have good oral health.

How could a hygienist help me?

If you have gum disease, you are at risk of developing gum disease or you have issues such as bad breath or staining, seeing a dental hygienist on a regular basis is extremely beneficial. Your hygienist will be able to provide you with cleaning treatments, which are much more powerful than brushing at home and this removes stubborn stains, plaque and tartar to reduce the risk of gum disease progressing and treat halitosis.

Even if you already have good oral health and there are no signs of decay or gum disease, you can still benefit from seeing a dental hygienist. Cleaning treatments will reduce your risk of developing oral health issues, keep your teeth lovely and clean and remove surface stains, which can build up even if you are very diligent with your oral hygiene regime at home.

Hygienist treatments

Hygienists offer a range of different treatments, including cleaning treatments, preventative treatments and information and education about oral hygiene, healthy eating and diet, giving up smoking and children’s oral health.

The most common treatment for issues such as bad breath and plaque and tartar formation is a scale and polish; this removes deposits from the teeth and gum line and cleans the teeth to give them a healthy looking glow.

Preventative treatments are often recommended for children and include fluoride varnish and fissure sealant treatment, both of which are designed to lower the risk of decay. Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent preventable diseases in children and these are safe, simple, painless and quick measures that can really help to protect the teeth. Fluoride strengthens the enamel, while fissure sealant treatment creates a protective barrier between the tooth and food debris and bacteria; the sealant prevents these from getting stuck in the tiny pits and cracks on the tooth surface.

City Dental Leeds Can Teach Your Nippers To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

1391328_blogWhen it comes to children, it’s never too early to start thinking about oral health. We provide dental care for all the family and we encourage parents to bring their children for routine check-ups when they are very small to enable them to get used to the dental surgery and get to know their dentist.

Children’s dental health is so important because laying positive foundations during childhood has a massive impact on adult dental health. Children who have good oral health are much more likely to enjoy strong and healthy teeth and gums into adult life.

At City Dental Leeds we understand that kids can find it difficult and many parents face a daily battle to get their children to clean their teeth. If this sounds familiar, we can help! We offer children’s dental hygiene products and we recommend ways to make teeth cleaning fun, such as playing games, brushing together as a family and brushing along to popular songs in the charts. We are also happy to chat to kids about the importance of teeth cleaning and to answer their questions about brushing and why it is important for their teeth, as well as their general health.

We also offer preventative dental care for younger patients to help to protect the teeth and gums from harmful bacteria and increase their chances of staying pain-free. Sealant treatments and fluoride varnish help to strengthen the teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay and they are completely painless and very quick.

If your nippers are in need of a check-up, you have queries about brushing or you simply want advice about getting kids into a good oral hygiene routine, pop in when you’re next in Leeds or give us a quick call!

Kicking back at Tooth Decay in Central Leeds

Monday, January 27th, 2014

464425_blogIf there is one thing that you are never going to avoid at some point in your life in central Leeds, it’s tooth decay. The problem is a result of a combination of things- bacteria, plaque, poor oral hygiene and failure to see your dentist. Bacteria will settle around your teeth, making it a strong possibility that plaque and tartar will breakout; the acids from these will soon start eating away at the teeth’s enamel. Caries may form and if it continues, these will eat through and infect the pulp and roots inside. This is why you should always be on the ball with your oral hygiene and remove these acids the best you can so that you ensure things don’t reach this level- and you’ll know if they do because your teeth will suffer from shooting pains whenever they come into contact with anything. If you also keep visiting your dentist, the early signs of tooth decay will be spotted and treated accordingly. If you get the problem in its early stages, your dentist may only need to administer you a filling, but a root canal will be required if the inside becomes infected. There is another more dangerous aspect to tooth decay; if you simply ignore it, you run the risk of getting an abscess and this is a dangerous condition that you will want to avoid, for in some cases they have proved to be fatal.

Getting back to normal with a Dental Crown in Central Leeds

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

3943593_blogDental crowns have been kicking around central Leeds and plying their trade for decades, helping to restore the smiles of the masses. Crowns are used to repair your teeth after injury, damaged cause by tooth decay or even to replace a tooth that has been lost. Such restoration is essential in order to keep your bite true and prevent further complications in the future; they will also help to maintain your vanity whenever you open your mouth. Once you have been repaired and prepared, you will be measured up for your crown and once it has been made, it is a simple procedure to set it into place. You do have a choice of materials from which you can have your crown made from. Pure porcelain are the most popular as they tend to fit in perfectly with the natural look of the mouth; for strength, you can also go for porcelain-over-metal. The other popular material is gold; as well as having the ‘wow’ factor it too is very strong and can take anything that is thrown at it. Aside from all of this though, crowns are an essential part of dentistry and if you need one, you need one, as we are talking about the health of your oral future here.

Overall Dental Care in Leeds

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

2603730_blogYou should know that as you get older in Leeds, looking after your teeth gets harder by the day and things can go wayward pretty quickly- and that one condition can lead quickly to another in the mouth. One of the main criminals here is plaque and while it is taking no prisoners, it is also leading to more complex situations. Once it has got into your mouth, it can harden into tartar and strangle the life out of your gums- then disease will set in. Of course it will also attack the surfaces of your teeth too and then you are into tooth decay: this two-pronged attack from both of these conditions can be painful but will then set about attacking the areas below the teeth as well. This is a deadly place to find yourself in because now you are straying into abscess territory and this is really not a nice area to be in. Only by being on top of your oral hygiene can you avoid such horrible situations; you also have your dentist to help repair you should such horrors come along. However, never take chances with issues such as these and seek help should you find yourself in pain or discover anything untoward occurring in your mouth.


How your Dentist cares for you and your body in Leeds

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

658156_blogIt is very easy to see your dentist as someone that pokes around your mouth from time to time and that patches you up when things get out of hand in Leeds. However, if you were to dig below the surface of the modern dentist, you will be amazed at how they can help with not only issues in your mouth, but issues in your body as well. It is essential for today’s dentist understand how your system works; they have an amazing array of products and procedures to keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking great- by doing this, it will also impact on the health of your body. Problems like gum disease, tooth decay and abscesses can really affect your general health and dentists know this. But they also know about lots of other aspects such as how diets, lifestyle and oral hygiene can affect your teeth and gums- your general daily constitution. Your dentist also knows about how phobias can affect your treatments, which in turn can affect your overall health. Never feel bad about sitting down with your dentist and pouring your heart out about any issues you may have- the dentist is there for you and can help you with all aspects of your life.

Taking-on Teeth Decay in Central Leeds

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

1788888_blogThere are lots and lots of things that can go wrong with in your mouth in central Leeds and it starts with a combination of poor oral hygiene, the build-up of plaque and the lack of dental visits. If you don’t keep control of cleaning your teeth properly, then film and acids will build up on the surfaces of your teeth. This in turn can lead to caries but inevitably, the enamel of your teeth will soon start to be eaten away and then, decay will set in. If you go to your dentists regularly, this will be spotted, but if you ignore this situation, these caries and acids will break through the surfaces of the teeth and poison the pulp and roots inside. Now you are teetering with danger, because although a root canal can help to save the tooth at this stage, you have still opened a dangerous can of worms that could lead to an abscess and periodontal disease if you don’t change your ways. Teeth decay is and indicator of worse things to come and if you don’t counter it quickly, it could spell danger for your oral health in the future.


Handling a Rotten Tooth in Central Leeds

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

4868361_blogA rotten tooth is the direct result of terribly poor oral hygiene in central Leeds but if you don’t act on it, it can lead to horrible complications in the future. A tooth becomes rotten when plaque is not removed from around it: plaque is the start of all evil in the mouth and if you don’t brush your teeth properly, it will leap in with gay abandon. Caries will first start to appear and then you will need a filling; left any longer though and the decay will get inside your tooth and poison the pulp and the roots, Now you are in gum disease and abscess world and you really don’t want to be going down this avenue at all- because both are vicious and dangerous to your health. As long as you maintain a high level of oral hygiene at home and watch what you put in your mouth each day, you should fend off any threat of decay attacking your teeth. However, your dentist is your best ally on this front; just a quick look will determine if anything is going wrong, and if it has, it will be fixed quickly- but don’t take any chances when your teeth show signs of going rotten.


Rooting out the rotten in the City of Leeds

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

3534882_blogIt is very easy to get complacent about caring for your teeth in the city of Leeds if you are young and care-free…that’s one of the joys about being young, you feel indestructible. But your oral health is important to your overall health and things can go wrong very quickly if you don’t care for your teeth properly. Plaque can build up very fast in your mouth and before you know it, you will be suffering from tooth decay. In the early stages, you can get patched up with a filling, but leave it any longer and the decay will eat into the inside of your teeth and then once this has happened, you will need root canal treatment in order to save your tooth and avoid the threat of periodontal disease and abscesses developing. This involves removing the rotten pulp from inside your tooth and then the infected roots down below, only then can the tooth be filled again and ultimately saved. It may sound rather dramatic but thanks to laser surgery, it has become a routine operation. However, bear this in mind: look after your oral hygiene and talk about stuff with your dentist. If you have to have this treatment, it means that you are being careless with your health- just be careful and mindful in the future eh?