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The dynamic Inman Aligner in Leeds

Ever feel that those crooked, nay, buck front teeth are holding you back, you know, really holding you back from cutting loose and showing just how beautifully you can smile? There’s a beautiful smile in everyone, unfortunately, our teeth can often stop us from showing it, yet as we get older, the thought of any lengthy orthodontic treatment can stop that smile coming out too. So, you may well like to take a day off work and ask your dentist in Leeds all about the Inman aligner, because this supersonic device could be the answer to all your prayers. There is no other aligner quite like it and it’s a masterpiece of engineering: the device works on the theory that if you keep the teeth moving all of the time, they will move a lot quicker; a coil spring and wire exerts a pulling force on the front of the teeth and at the same time a small bar (which also acts as a template for the teeth to align themselves against), pushes the opposite way, squeezing the teeth and rocking them into place against the bar. That’s the technical bit over, now the important facts. This tailor made device starts from around £1200, but before you start thinking ‘bit pricey’, this is the best bit… can work in as little as 6 weeks!! Now if that hasn’t caught your attention, then let’s seal the deal- it can also be taken out when you eat or clean your teeth…Bet your smiling inside and out now!

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