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The Importance of Supporting Your Sports Smile

2112592_blogWhether you compete on a global stage or just enjoy a kick around from time to time with your mates, it’s important to support and protect your smile. At City Dental Leeds, we’re proud to offer one of the world’s leading mouth guards, the OSO Athletic. This innovative device will not only reduce the risk of dental injuries, it will also provide you with comfort and enhance your sporting performance.

About OSO Athletic

OSO Athletic is an advanced mouth guard that takes dental devices to the next level. This custom-made gum shield is designed to adjust to the shape of your mouth, altering the position of your jaw joint to reduce tension in the facial muscles and improve the efficiency of muscle contraction.

Many people find wearing a mouth guard uncomfortable, but with OSO Athletic, the guard is bespoke to you, so it fits perfectly with no chance of slipping, sliding or rubbing.

Studies have shown that using the OSO Athletic guard not only protects your teeth and gums, but also improves strength and balance. By reducing muscle strain, this gum shield also helps to reduce the risk of TMJ disorder, a common problem that causes symptoms to develop in and around the temporomandibular joint.

Who is the OSO Athletic for?

The OSO Athletic offers numerous benefits for a wide range of athletes and sports performers of all ages and abilities. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to be at risk of injury and we strongly recommend this mouth guard to anyone who plays team sports, such as rugby and hockey, or participates in fighting sports or martial arts.

If you’d like to find out more about the OSO Athletic mouth guard or you’re keen to invest in this incredible innovation, call us today.

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