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The Simplicity of Crown Placement in the City of Leeds

922269_blogAs modern dentistry has got its act in order over the years in the city of Leeds, so too has the ease in the way you get treated- and quickly too. Speed is essential, especially if you have lost a tooth or been ravished by tooth decay, so it’s vital you get patched up ASAP. Cosmetic dentistry has also upped its game and is integral in getting you repaired- especially with the placement of a crown. Crowns can be used for tooth loss alongside dental implants and bridges, but are more commonly found in treating bad decay after having a root canal. Once you have been diagnosed, you will then need to choose the material to make your crown out of; gold and porcelain are the more common materials used, but once you have made your choice and been treated, your crown can be in your mouth within the fortnight and it will take literally minutes to place in your mouth when it’s ready. There is also an even faster method of having a crown fitted these days: CEREC is a radical system that will sit you down, measure you up, make your crown and have you in-and-out in around an hour.

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