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The truth about Fluoride in Leeds

If there is one subject that will split the opinions of dentists in Leeds and that is the use of fluoride and some think that there is just a little too much getting into our bodies. Apart from the obvious way which is in toothpaste, our drinking water is full of fluoride and it is considered, by some, that too much of it can be detrimental to our health. Once in the bloodstream, it can leave deposits in the brain and cause what is known as fluorosis. In rare cases, children, who tend to swallow more toothpaste than they brush with, have been known to die from it. But then, these are rare cases and unless your addicted to the stuff, the effects are really minimal and rather sounds like a bit of too much PC scaremongering, and from a dentists and patients point of view, ignoring just how good fluoride is for our teeth. One of the things we are trying to do with our teeth is to stave of plaque and tartar from forming, so that we can steer well away from things such as tooth decay and gum disease, and by cleaning regularly with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, it has been shown that it strengthens our teeth’s enamel. It regenerates it with minerals and ensures that it is strong in the fight against tooth decay. For those out there that have their doubts, there are fluoride-free toothpastes- these maybe good for children, but only by protecting our teeth can we keep our mouths healthy and fluoride has a proven track record in this area.

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