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The Unbelievable Inman Aligner Comes to the City of Leeds

Once in a blue moon, something comes along in the city of Leeds which absolutely blows people’s minds with its ingenuity, it panache and its downright gall and in the world of orthodontics, the once thing that’s got everyone excited is the Inman aligner- this device is an engineering treat. Even though it is unique, it is limited in what it can do, because it only concerns itself with straightening the teeth at the front of the mouth, yet it is in the manner of how it does it that makes it incredible. The device works in two (opposite) ways. A wire wraps itself around the front of the teeth and is then anchored to a spring at the back of the plate; this in conjunction works with a bar that pushes against the teeth on the inside. Quickly yet surely, the teeth are rocked back and forth, being kept in constant movement until they fall into position….in as little as 6 weeks!! That’s the deal with this device, it works incredibly fast and accurately and in no time at all, you have straight teeth. It is also removable so that you can take it out to do the basics like eating and cleaning. The other plus is that they are not that expensive, starting from around £1200 and that is for a bespoke fitting as well. If you are a person that needs to get to the church on time and look good doing it, this is the device for you.

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