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The varied world of Braces in Leeds

Orthodontics is that wonderful field of dentistry in Leeds that deals with getting your teeth straight at all costs in order to protect your occlusion (bite) for the rest of your life and to do this involves the wearing of braces or an aligner. If the treatment you need is very complex, you will be fitted with a bespoke brace in order to get you through your complicated procedure and it could take a few years to complete; many of the traditional fixed braces also take their time, but this means your teeth will be moved with extreme accuracy and precision and will ensure your teeth stay in place for the rest of your life. But there are fixed braces such as the 6 months smile and Damon that get the job done faster, yet work in similar ways. But it is when you move into the field of aligners that things really get interesting. Fixed braces, though brilliant in what they do, often look ugly in the mouth, but if you use Clearstep or Invisalign, you can barely see them in the mouth at all, plus they come with the added bonus of being removable whenever it suits you- they work fast too. All of these though work to a time where the teeth aren’t likely to spring back after the gadget has been removed, which can’t be said about the Inman aligner though: a retainer has to be worn to stop this from happening but there is a good reason for this though- the Inman can get the job done in as little as 6 weeks! You should talk to your dentist about all of these to find out what one is best for you.

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