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Thumb sucking in Leeds

Thumb sucking is a natural thing in babies- it’s comforting, relaxing and helps them to sleep. As strange as it sounds in Leeds, some adults still suck their thumbs too- maybe for the very same reasons. But for all the soothing qualities of having a thumb in the mouth for a child (and adult), it has also been linked to teeth that grow incorrectly, altering the way the teeth position themselves as they come through- leading to a higher cahance of having to wear braces in the future. This is especially if the sucking is aggressive and repeated over and over again. Normally, and quite naturally, this will stop as the child grows older and should not overtly interfere with the growth of teeth. But doctors and parents do prefer to see children start to wean themselves away from the problem from around the age of four, by trying to incorporate various methods. Some may sound bizarre, some way outdated. Things like informing the child about the risks- although as we well know, parents can get a bit ‘colorful’ by adding what will happen, should they continue to suck their thumbs; they will fall off or, a man will burst through the door and cut them off with scissors! Some parents will even dip the thumbs is something that is revolting to the taste- whatever the method used, it’s certainly a difficult problem to break.

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