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What Are Self-Ligating Fixed Braces?

2904341_blogAt City Dental Leeds, we’re delighted to offer our patients the latest self-ligating brace systems, including Damon Braces. This innovative technology is designed to reduce treatment times by accelerating the movement of the teeth and optimise comfort by reducing friction.

What are Damon Braces and how do they work?

Damon Braces are a sophisticated orthodontic treatment, which uses state of the art self-ligating technology to straighten the teeth quickly and comfortably. The braces feature self-ligating memory wires and sliding brackets, which apply gentle force to the teeth, prompting them to move in the desired direction. Sliding brackets not only produce forces to move the teeth, they are also much easier to clean than traditional brackets.

This system is versatile and it provides a solution for many common orthodontic problems, including crowding, crooked teeth, spacing, overjet, overbite, underbite and crossbite.

Often, patients who have complex needs are advised to have fixed braces because they offer greater stability and generate more movement than removable orthodontic appliances; Damon Braces offer a more discreet, quicker and more comfortable alternative to traditional fixed braces.

What are the benefits of Damon Braces?

Damon Braces are:

  • quick: treatment times are around 4-6 months shorter than traditional fixed braces
  • discreet: Damon Braces are made of clear brackets and wires
  • comfort: self-ligating technology reduces friction to increase comfort and reduce pain for patients
  • versatile: these braces are suitable for patients with moderate and complex orthodontic needs
  • easy to maintain: sliding brackets are easier to clean than traditional brackets

Most patients can also begin treatment without having to undergo a procedure to extract teeth; this is because Damon Braces are capable of creating space.

If you would like to learn more about Damon Braces or book a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for treatment, call us now!



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