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Which Toothbrush Is Best For Me?

297243_blogWith all kinds of different makes and models and prices ranging from less than a pound to hundreds of pounds, it can be tricky trying to choose the perfect toothbrush. If you’re in the market for a new brush or you’re thinking about swapping your existing toothbrush for a new model, here are some tips:

Ask your dentist for recommendations

There are lots of different brushes around and often, the best thing to do if you’re unsure which brush would be best for you, is to ask your dentist. Many brushes are standard, but many also have added features, which may be beneficial for you; your dentist will be able to recommend approved brands and specific brushes, which will suit your dental needs.

Go for a small head

Brushing can only produce a limited clean because it’s hard to reach every area of the mouth with a brush, but investing in a toothbrush with a small head can help you to cover more ground. Small heads are easier to manoeuvre and they can reach further back into the corners of the mouth.

Invest in electric

Electric toothbrushes are proven to offer a deeper, more effective clean than manual brushes because the brush head oscillates very quickly and is consequently more powerful. The price of electric toothbrushes varies hugely and you don’t need to pay a lot of money for a brush, which will guarantee you a good clean. If you like gadgets, you can pay more for smart brushes, which connect with phones and tablets, enabling you to track your brushing progress and identify potential areas for improvement.

Read reviews

Often, reading consumer reviews can help you to make a decision once you have narrowed down the selection of products; reviews are written by people who have already used the product and they can help to provide information about the pros and cons.

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