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Why to Scale and Polish your Teeth in Leeds

2904387_blogThere is no harm at all at cleaning your teeth well in Leeds; buying a good brush and toothpaste is important to your oral hygiene, and then it should be backed up with dental floss, inter-dental brushes and mouthwashes. However, as much as you think you are doing a good job, it is still easy to miss things and bacteria from foods can still lurk up and under the gums. This is why you need to see your dentist regularly for a check-up and get a scale and polish. Scaling will remove any signs of tartar and get below the gums for a thorough clean in order to remove anything lurking down there. This is also very good for you if you are suffering from a touch of gum disease. Once this has all been done, your dentist will then polish your teeth. This not only helps to put the sheen back into the enamel of your teeth, it will make the teeth very smooth and this makes it hard for film and bacteria to stick to.

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