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Three Tips to Keep Your Whitened Teeth As Long As Possible

shutterstock_503980750For most of us, a bright, white smile is a thing of beauty. If you’ve had your teeth whitened, you want to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. Here are three top tips to help you prolong your smile’s sparkle:

  1. Brush twice a day, every day: brushing isn’t just important for removing bacteria and food debris. It also polishes the surface of the teeth giving them a gorgeous glow. Devoting just a few minutes to cleaning your teeth twice a day will make all the difference to your oral health, as well as the look of your smile.
  1. Avoid heavily coloured foods and drinks: your diet often plays a role in staining the teeth. If you’ve had your teeth whitened, try and avoid foods that contain staining agents, such as coffee, tea, soy sauce, cola, wine and dark berries. It also goes without saying that avoiding smoking will help to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.
  1. Use a straw when drinking: if you can’t bear the thought of going without a coffee in the morning or you fancy a glass of cola from time to time, use a straw when you drink. This helps to prevent direct contact between the liquid and your tooth enamel. Using a straw can also help to reduce sensitivity.

After you’ve had your teeth whitened, your dentist will give you some aftercare tips, but don’t hesitate to ask for more advice if you need it.

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