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Veneers Gallery

Case 1: Veneers


This young lady had naturally discoloured and misplaced teeth. She really wanted a white, straight, smile. After discussing all her options, the patient decided that she would only achieve the look she was aiming for with porcelain veneers. Dr Ibrahim then communicated closely with the dental laboratory to make sure that all the patients expectations were met, then twelve handcrafted porcelain veneers were made. Total treatment time was two weeks.

Case 2: Veneers

stained teeth image Before
stained teeth image After

This patient wanted to get her smile right for her wedding day. A gum lift was performed before placing four beautiful hand crafted veneers to improve the shape and colour of her previously discoloured and mishapen front teeth.

Case 3: Veneers

Dental veneer Before
Dental Implant After

Case 4: Veneers

Dental veneer Before
Dental Implant After

This Lady came to see me and was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth.

she felt that the chips on the upper front teeth were quite noticeable and the shade was dark which aged her smile.

After much discussion we decided to complete a basic treatment plan which addressed all the issues with her teeth.

The plan consisted of a home whitening treatment to achieve a natural white shade. followed by four porcelain veneers at the front to address the shape of her teeth and correct the "chips" and defects.

The patient was very happy with her finished result and her smile certainly reflects that.

Case 5: Veneers

Dental veneer Before
Dental Implant After

This Gentleman came to us unhappy with his smile which affected his general confidence.

He didn't like the colour or shape of the upper teeth, the gap between his front teeth was also a concern.

He often found himself smiling with his mouth closed or hiding his smile.

Taking all this into account we decided to first address the colour by a course of whitening. We then created some porcelain veneers to create a "neat" natural smile.

He is now able to smile with confidence and was very happy with his finished result.

Case 6: Veneers

Dental veneer Before
Dental veneer After

This patient attended our clinic unhappy with the look of her smile. She hated the colour and shape of her teeth and requested a whiter more even smile. After attending a consultation at the practice it was decided to improve this ladies smile with porcelain veneers. In just a few weeks this lovely patient left the surgery with the smile she had always dreamed of!

Case 7: Veneers

Dental veneer Before
Dental veneer After

These photos were taken of a patient who had suffered with gum disease in the past. This had left her with unsightly gaps which she didn't like. She also wanted to improve the colour and 'fix' the chipped teeth. This lady was treated with six porcelain veneers which filled the gaps, improved the colour and 'fixed' those chipped teeth all in one go!