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Boost Those Competitive Instincts With A Custom OSO Mouth Guard

3206808_blogAre you searching for that special something to propel you to the next level in your sporting career? Are you looking for an easy, hassle-free way of boosting your sporting performance? If so, why not add the OSO Athletic mouth guard to your arsenal?

This innovative mouth guard offers much more than your standard gum shield and it can really make a difference to your performance, as well as helping to protect your from dental injuries. We recommend this state of the art appliance for elite athletes and amateurs.

What’s so good about the OSO Athletic mouth guard?

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is specially designed to adapt the position of the jaw to ensure that it is perfectly aligned when you step out into the ring or onto the pitch. By aligning the jaw, the mouth guard improves posture and removes stress and strain from the muscles around the jaw, leaving you pain-free and facilitates muscle contraction.

Each OSO Athletic mouth guard is bespoke; it is made with specific measurements and data about the jaw joint and the teeth and it is designed to reposition the jaw when it is in place for maximum comfort and improved performance.

We strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard if you participate in any activity or sport that involves a risk of dental injury. This may include wrestling, mixed martial arts, judo, karate, boxing, fighting and combat sports, hockey, lacrosse, rugby union, rugby league and ice hockey.

To find out more about the OSO Athletic mouth guard and arrange your consultation, call us now!

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