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Central Leeds gives you reasons to Floss

4732933_blogIt is amazing to think that something as simple as flossing can not only be beneficial for your teeth and gums, but in the long run, your heart and body as well. Food easily gets stuck between your teeth and up under the gums, and if it doesn’t get removed properly, it can lead to bacteria breaking down the enamel of your teeth, then to tooth decay and most dangerous of all, gum disease- also a killer of the heart. Flossing can visit places an ordinary brush fears to tread: once you have made your choice on the type of floss that takes your fancy, you now have to learn to use it. Take time to practise this in front of the mirror first and work it up between the teeth and gums to ensure everything is removed: do this every time you eat and keep practising it until you can do it in the dark. Flossing is probably the greatest ally to an oral hygiene programme since the tooth-pick was invented and if you do this right, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep your teeth and gums healthy in central Leeds until the day you die.

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