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How Do Our CT Scanning Machines Help Us Treat Patients?

429735_blogAt City Dental Leeds, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the latest technology and we are very proud to have an advanced CT scanner on-site. We accept referrals from other clinics and use our scanner to provide accurate and effective care for patients in Leeds and beyond.

About CT scans

CT (computerised tomography) scans are used commonly in medicine and they are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern dentistry. Scanners produce incredibly detailed images of the inside of the body and can be instrumental in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a diverse range of health conditions.

We use our CT scanner primarily for implant treatment. The scan images allow us to locate the best sites for implant placement with pin-point accuracy and guide us during the procedure to fit the implant. We also sometimes use the scanner during the consultation stage to assess whether or not patients are suitable candidates for treatment; we are able to judge the thickness and strength of the bone tissue and ascertain whether or not an implant could be supported.

We are also able to use CT scan images to show patients how treatment works and what it involves; seeing detailed pictures enables them to gain a greater understanding of what goes on during the process and how implants are able to act as tooth replacements.

Preparing for a CT scan

If you are having a CT scan, your dentist will explain exactly what will happen and they will be happy to answer any questions. There’s nothing to worry about and the can is not painful in any way; we simply ask you to lie as still as possible for around 15 minutes. Before a scan, we ask you to remove any jewellery from the face, ears and neck and any loose attachments, such as scarves and glasses. After the scan, the images will be available to our dentists and they can talk you through the treatment process.


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