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How to Bond beautifully with your Teeth in Central Leeds

2904346_blogThe modern world is a demanding one that keeps you on the move all the time and central Leeds is certainly no different. The problem is that it leaves you with precious little time to do anything else in the day, especially in your teeth need a cosmetic little makeover; this is where bonding comes into its own. It is simple and for those of you who are short on time, it’s quick. In just half an hour, the dentist will have your teeth covered with a series of tooth-coloured resin layers, each being individually ‘cured’ along the way with a heat lamp. Once enough of the resin has been applied to the surfaces of the troubled areas, it is then shaped and highly polished for the desired results, all under hour! It will hide away many flaws, such as gaps, receding gums, cracks, chips and other nasty little irritations, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the process. Another benefit to having this done is that if it becomes a little tatty in the future (it has a shelf-life of around 5 years), simply pop back to the dentist for repairs- how brilliant is that?

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