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Leeds lives for its Oral Hygiene

608718_blogIt is easy said than done for dentists to advise you on the importance of looking out for your oral hygiene; if you did, it would make their job a lot easier. However, life isn’t that simple and it is very easy to forget the basics when you’re having fun in a city as dandy as Leeds, but if you try to follow a regime or two, you will be at least trying to look after your mouth. Your personal lifestyle plays an important part in this and what you put into your mouth is important; a balanced diet will help keep your immune system strong and thus your teeth and gums too- and try to keep the smoking and drinking down. Okay, lecture over, now down to the basics: get yourself a decent toothbrush, paste, some floss (maybe some inter-dental brushes) and a good mouthwash and once you have settled on what you think is right for you, learn how to use them properly so that you get the best results- and use them at least twice a day, preferably after meals so that you remove bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth; and don’t forget to give your tongue a good scrub from time to time, as this holds more bacteria than any other part of your mouth. The final brick in the wall here is your dentist: pay them a visit often; they can see things you can’t and if you do go off the rails, they will be there to pick up the pieces for you when you get into a pickle.

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