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Perfection with Porcelain Crowns in Leeds

Tooth decay is a thorny subject and not a very nice one at all in Leeds. Once an infection has got inside, you may be able to save the tooth or you may lose it. In both situations, the fitting of a porcelain crown may well be required. If a root canal has saved the tooth, you will need a crown to be fitted in order to give the tooth back its shape and size again. In the case of losing a tooth, again a crown can be attached to a dental implant or be found in a dental bridge. In doing this, you can have a crown designed from pretty much any material you fancy, but the most preferable one would be made from porcelain, as it is not only the closest material that matches the enamel on your teeth, but it is a beautiful material in its own right. Where you have the crown placed however will determine exactly the way the porcelain crown is made. The rear of your mouth has to withstand a lot of chewing forces going through it and so the crown needs to be strong: in this scenario, a crown made from porcelain-over-metal will be able to cope with the stresses. If the crown is placed at the front of your mouth, you can get away with a weaker one made entirely from porcelain. In either case, crowns help to restore not only your look, but retain the health of your occlusion as well- the way your teeth bite together.

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