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Shaping up with the Inman Aligner in the City of Leeds

Teeth straightening has always been a touchy subject for the people in the city of Leeds and all over the country, for history has shown that it doesn’t exactly evoke dental romanticism. Lengthy treatments a mouthful of metal and the ridicule to boot….for some, awful times. However, those with dodgy front teeth- run through the fields and scream freedom because an aligner has muscled its way into our hearts and taken us to dinner on a white horse- yes, the Inman aligner has landed and can save your day, this brash, heaven-sent device will blow your socks off. It works on the theory of keeping the teeth on the move, meaning fast results and it does it by rocking the teeth back and forth until they rest in the desired position; the aligner pushes and pulls. It’s design means it only concentrates on the front teeth, but it also has the luxury of being removable throughout the treatment and that can only be good for your oral health. But you better be sitting down for this next bit, for this brash little beast can work as quickly as 6 weeks….you okay? As has been mentioned, it’s not for everyone, but if it is for you, your teeth can be sorted out in a couple of months and finally, you can get closure on how your teeth have looked and annoyed you for years- book in today!

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