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Soft Denture Delight in The Heart of Leeds

2797271_blogIf you have missing teeth, there are certain problems you may encounter. From decreased confidence in social situations and a lack of self-esteem related to the appearance of your smile, to difficulty with eating and unclear speech, missing teeth can be troublesome. Thankfully, there are many treatment options for patients of all ages with missing teeth and one of our tried and tested treatments is a denture.

Everything you need to know about denture

Soft dentures are prosthetic teeth, which are used to replace missing natural teeth. Whether you have lost a number of teeth in an accident or you have lost most of your natural teeth through ageing or oral health diseases, dentures can help. We offer partial and complete dentures to replace a small number of missing teeth or a full arch of lost teeth.

Dentures are bespoke, meaning that they are crafted individually for each patient. They are designed and manufactured based on the measurements and contours of the patient’s mouth to ensure that they fit perfectly. The fit of the denture is really important, not just for reasons associated with functionality, but also to prevent sore spots and irritation.

Dentures offer a range of benefits for patients and a properly fit, well-made denture should enable you to carry out all the functions you are able to complete with strong and healthy natural teeth. You can eat and enjoy a wide range of different foods, your speech will be clearer and above all, you can feel more confident when you smile. Modern dentures are very lifelike and they are designed to mimic a beautiful, natural looking smile.

If you have missing teeth and you’re ready to consider replacement options, call us today to find out more about denture treatment.

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