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A Teen’s Dream: City Dental Leeds Has Invisalign

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

4244118_blogThe last thing you probably want to hear as an image-conscious teenager is that you need braces. Braces have never been considered cool and many teenagers feel self-conscious when they start treatment; however, there are new treatments available and we are able to offer discreet treatments, which are virtually invisible, so you can enjoy greater confidence during your treatment.

Invisalign Teen is a discreet treatment, which has been specially designed for teenagers. This treatment promises amazing results with the added bonus that nobody will be able to see your braces.

About Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is part of the famous Invisalign system. This treatment uses a series of transparent, removable appliances, called aligners, to straighten the teeth and give you an amazing smile. The aligners are all different and they work in a specific order, with each one in position for 2 weeks.

Invisalign Teen is very similar to the original system, but it boasts additional features, which are aimed at making treatment simpler for younger patients. The aligners are marked with an indicator, which shows you when you need to change your aligner and there are spare appliances to ensure that you don’t need to go into panic mode if you misplace one of your braces.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen has so many benefits for young people, especially those who are worried about their looks or concerned about what other people will say when they start wearing braces. These aligners are virtually invisible when you smile, so you don’t need to put up with nasty comments or worry about your image being ruined. The aligners are also removable, so you can eat without any concerns about getting your dinner trapped in your braces and clean your teeth as you did before.

If you’re a teen looking for an amazing solution to orthodontic problems in the heart of Leeds, Invisalign Teen is the perfect choice!

Discreet Brace Treatment? Leeds Has Invisalign For Celebrity Straight Smiles

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Woman SmileHave you ever thought that celebrities tend to have suspiciously perfect looking smiles? Do you feel hard done by because you’ve not been blessed with perfectly aligned teeth? If so, you may be comforted by the fact that many celebrities have undergone extensive dental treatment, including orthodontic treatment, to get their gleaming pearly whites and these treatments could help you to achieve the same Hollywood worthy smile.

Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham and Miley Cyrus are just a handful of famous faces who have worn braces to get their flawless smiles and with Invisalign, you too can enjoy a dream smile. Invisalign is a clear brace system, which has taken the world by storm and offers a virtually invisible alternative to traditional fixed braces.

Invisalign employs a different method of tooth straightening to fixed braces and uses a series of specially designed removable aligners to move the teeth into place easily. The aligners are manufactured according to detailed personalised treatment plans, which plot the movement of the teeth and each one is worn for 2 weeks. The aligners should be worn for at least 21 hours per day and they are designed to be taken out when you eat and clean your teeth.

Aside from the obvious advantage that Invisalign aligners are clear, they are also comfortable and easy to keep clean; you can also enjoy the freedom of eating without any worry about getting food trapped in your teeth during meals out and the ability to clean your teeth in the normal way.

If you’re longing for a celebrity style smile and you are searching for a discreet treatment, Invisalign could be the answer!

The beautiful world of Invisalign in the City of Leeds

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

386703_blogThere are some things that come along in the dental world that blows your mind and when it comes to having your teeth straightened in the city of Leeds, there is none more exquisite than Invisalign; this treatment is brilliantly unique in the way it works. Once you have been measured up and have been approved with the programme (it doesn’t work for everybody), then you will be kitted out with around a half a dozen aligners that you swap over as your teeth start to move into line. These aligners are all removable so that is superb when it comes to oral hygiene. But aside from the fact that this is very fast, Invisalign’s best quality is that each aligner is manufactured from a clear plastic; what this means is that whenever it is in the mouth, anyone around you can barely tell you’re wearing it. Of course, all of this luxury comes at a price, and this product doesn’t come cheap- it is the more expensive options to go for. But come on, the benefits of going down this road far outweigh the costs…at least give it a look.


Embracing your Braces in Central Leeds

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

386703_blogOkay…so braces eh? Never the best of moments in your life in central Leeds and it can traumatise you. But, before you embark down this rocky road, do your homework first, because there are some absolutely amazing ways you can get your teeth straightened these days. Modern aligners can get you sorted in as little 6 weeks depending on the work you need doing: they are quick and very discreet; some you can barely spot in the mouth when you start your treatment because they are made from the best materials around. Fixed braces too have gone through one hell of a revolution and they work more directly than the aligners and with the utmost precision if your teeth are complex. Of course, what you choose can come down to what you can afford at the time, but if you sit down with your dentist, you can wrangle a way of paying for your orthodontic treatment that wont damage your bank balance either. If you are going to go for anything when it comes to braces, you may as well choose the best that will do a great job on your teeth, so sit down and think about it before making any decisions.

The Beauty Of Invisalign Arrives In Leeds

Friday, September 14th, 2012

So you crooked teethed people of Leeds, how do you fancy getting your teeth healthy and looking beautiful with the minimum of fuss? You do? Then look no further than Invisalign. This superb little gadget from a land far away can do just that. Once you have been tested to see if you fit the course, you get your first of many aligners put into place. The nature of this device works quickly and as your teeth move, you get a new aligner fitted: overall, the whole treatment should be far faster than most other devices, but the best about Invisalign is yet to come. During the procedure, the device can be taken out for a couple of hours a day if desired which keeps oral hygiene at an optimum throughout. However, the icing on the cake for this treatment comes in its design: shaped like a gentile gum-shield, it is made from a special transparent plastic which means that it is almost invisible to anyone else! Now that’s a selling point if ever one was needed with braces and aligners: the amount of stigma that removes, especially for a young person, is unbelievable and the price? WHO CARES! Go for it!



Invisibility for your Mouth in Central Leeds

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

There are a lot of factors involved in keeping a healthy balance to your mouth and one of those is the way your jaws come together.

If they close perfectly, then there is less stress placed upon the tiny joints of the jaws where they meet. But teeth don’t follow the rule book and for some people in central Leeds, teeth can develop awkwardly and grow crooked which means they have to be straightened by the use of a brace or aligner. Now this can throw up a lot of fears in some people.

Traditionally, braces have not been renowned for their beauty and wearing them can be an ordeal- that was until Invisalign came along. It comes in the guise of a gum-shield, but throws off the shackles of stigma that comes with traditional braces. It is made from a clear plastic, which from a vanity angle is marvellous because it is almost invisible when fitted and as the treatment progresses and you get fitted with different ones as your teeth move, you will find that your teeth move quickly, up to three times faster than other braces.

It can also be removed whenever it takes your fancy so from a hygiene point of view, this is another plus. It is more expensive than other treatments but the rewards of this treatment and the way it works far outweighs any costs incurred. Anyway, you need the treatment so why not make it a pleasurable one.