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What is a Dental Cap?

2823674_blogAt City Dental Leeds, we are proud to offer an extensive range of restorative treatments including dental caps, which are also known as crowns. Crowns are nicknamed caps because they sit over the tooth in a similar way to how a cap sits on your head. We are able to offer same-day CEREC crown treatment or traditional hand-crafted crowns.

What are crowns and why would I need one?

Crowns, or caps, are dental restorations that sit on top of the natural tooth structure to add strength and stability. You may be advised to have a new crown if you have an infected or injured tooth, you have fractured your tooth, you have had root canal treatment or you are having tooth replacement treatment in the form of implant treatment. Crowns can be made from ceramics and metals and they should last for several years.

Crown treatment is designed to add strength to a weakened tooth and the procedure also helps to reduce the risk of an infection spreading through the tooth, as harmful bacteria and decayed tissue are removed prior to the placement of the new crown.

CEREC same-day crown treatment

We offer a choice of CEREC same-day treatment and hand-crafted crown treatment. With CEREC, we use advanced technology to design, create and fit new restorations, including crowns, in a single day. CEREC uses the latest software and milling machinery to design and manufacture new restorations within minutes and this enables us to offer quick, simple and hassle-free treatment.

Traditional crown treatment

We also offer traditional crown treatment, which involves creating impressions of the teeth and sending them away to a dental laboratory, where the crown is made by highly skilled dental technicians. The process usually takes around 2 weeks and the tooth is prepared prior to the new crown being placed; a temporary crown may be fitted between the two appointments.


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