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Why Choose Innovative Lingual Braces?

2823674_blogMany of our patients who require orthodontic treatment express a desire for discreet braces and with lingual braces we are able to fulfil this wish. Lingual braces are fixed onto the back of the teeth, which means that you can go through the entire treatment process without any worries about exposing a highly visible metal brace. With this treatment nobody will even notice that you’re wearing a brace at all.

About lingual braces

Lingual braces are essentially very similar to traditional fixed braces, but they offer a major advantage in that they are invisible when you smile. Braces can make people feel self-conscious and they can attract unwanted attention from others and this treatment provides a solution, which enables you to feel more confident during the treatment process. With lingual braces, the front of your teeth will look exactly the same as before you started treatment and you can enjoy complete secrecy.

We are proud to offer STb Social 6 braces, which are innovative lingual braces that take a matter of weeks to produce an incredible outcome. This system is geared towards patients who only require minor correction and it targets the social 6, the 6 front top and bottom teeth.

The benefits of STb Social 6 braces

Aside from the obvious benefit of discreet aesthetics, STb Social 6 braces also work rapidly and offer comfort thanks to advanced self-ligating technology. Treatment times are just 6-16 weeks on average and the braces can be applied to the top and bottom teeth.

With STb Social 6 braces, you can achieve a dream smile without anyone even knowing that you’re having treatment. If this sounds too good to be true, call us now and we’ll show you how brilliant lingual braces are!


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