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Protecting your Teeth While you Exercise With OSO Athletic

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

shutterstock_580318669If you’re a keen athlete, you may be aware of the importance of protecting your teeth when you play sport, but what would you say if we told you that we could provide you with a gum shield, which doesn’t just protect you from dental injuries, but also enhances your performance? We are proud to be a provider for OSO Athletic, a game-changing mouth guard, which could give you that competitive edge.

About OSO Athletic

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is not your average piece of kit. This is so much more than a standard mouth guard. This device is specially designed to adjust to the contours and shape of your mouth, and it alters the position of your jaw when you put it in your mouth. By doing this, you can enjoy the highest standards of protection, as well as a lower risk of injury and muscle pain and increased balance, power and strength. Many athletes experience discomfort when they wear mouth guards, but these appliances are developed based on precise measurements and images. By adjusting the position of the jaw, muscle contraction is more efficient, and you’ll have a lower risk of jaw pain, stiffness and aches and pains in the neck, shoulders and back.

Who can benefit from the OSO Athletic?

The OSO Athletic can benefit anyone who participates in sports or activities that carry a risk of facial or dental injuries. This includes sports such as hockey, rugby and lacrosse, as well as fighting sports and martial arts. You don’t have to be an elite performer to enjoy the advantages of using an OSO Athletic mouth guard, and we strongly recommend competitors of all abilities to consider using this incredible innovation.

If you like the sound of the OSO Athletic mouth guard, call us now to find out more and arrange a consultation.

Why Protecting Your Teeth During Sporting Activities Is Essential

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

2112592_blogYou only get one set of adult teeth to last a lifetime, so it’s essential to take steps to protect your teeth and look after them as best you can. When playing sport, there is often a risk of injury and just as you wouldn’t think twice about wearing shin pads or a helmet, you should always remember to wear a mouth guard. If you play contact sports or you participate in martial arts or fighting sports, it’s essential to invest in a good mouth guard.

At City Dental Leeds, we are proud to be one of just a few practices in the UK to offer the amazing OSO Athletic mouth guard, an advanced gum shield, which offers so much more than the protection provided by a standard gum shield. This innovative appliance automatically adjusts the position of the jaw to optimise muscular function and reduce tension and pressure around the facial muscles.

How does the OSO Athletic work and what are the benefits?

Each OSO Athletic mouth guard is custom-designed and it is programmed to modify the placement of the jaw to ensure that it is in the best possible position. This reduces tension in the facial muscles and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), lowering the risk of unpleasant symptoms, such as stiffness, pain and clicking and improving muscle contraction.

With the OSO Athletic mouth guard, you are free to focus on the match or game without any worries about discomfort caused by an ill-fitting mouth guard and you can also enjoy improved performance. This appliance doesn’t just reduce muscular tension, it also improves strength, balance and power.

Anyone who plays a sport that carries a risk of dental injury can benefit from the OSO Athletic mouth guard, regardless of whether you’re an amateur who likes to play once a week or an elite athlete who trains and competes on a daily basis.

We strongly recommend custom-fit mouth guards for all participants in hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, boxing, kick-boxing, martial arts, rugby union and rugby league.

Dental Injuries Through Sporting Activities And How To Prevent Them

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

388363_blogSporting activities are one of the most common causes of dental injuries and we encourage all our patients who enjoy participating in contact, fighting or team sports to wear a protective mouth guard. We are proud to be one of just a few clinics in the country to offer the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard, a gum shield, which goes above and beyond to protect the teeth and optimise your sporting performance.

About the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard is quite simply the best mouth guard out there! This innovative mouth guard combines the latest design concepts and scientific research to offer much more than your usual gum shield. Each mouth guard is custom-made using incredibly detailed measurements; it is designed to adjust the position of the jaw automatically as soon as it is placed inside the mouth. Repositioning the jaw facilitates more efficient muscle contraction around the body by reducing tension and preventing symptoms associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

Studies have also shown that using the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard can also improve strength, power and balance. This means that using this piece of kit really could make a difference to your performance and give you the cutting edge to beat opponents or achieve new personal bests.

Who is the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard for?

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard has a range of benefits for participants of all abilities in a wide range of sports and activities, from rugby union, rugby league and hockey, to judo, boxing and wrestling.

We highly recommend this product to reduce the risk of sporting injuries and enable you to focus all your energy on succeeding on the pitch. Call us now to find out more!


Protecting Your Teeth During Sports In The City Of Leeds

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

373639_blogMany of us love to burn off energy on the rugby pitch, compete in mid-week and weekend matches and get physical in the boxing ring and while sport has a wealth of benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing, there are safety concerns to take into account. Dental injuries are fairly common in sport; however, they can usually be prevented with the help of a mouth guard. At City Dental Leeds, we are proud to offer our sporting clients the amazing OSO Athletic Mouth Guard; this innovative appliance will not just protect your teeth, it will also power you to a new level of performance.

About the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard has been developed using sophisticated technology and extensive research. This gum shield offers far more than your average shop-bought appliance, as it programmed to adjust the position of the jaw, ensuring that it is in the optimum position at all times. When the jaw is set in the best place, this releases muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders and facilitates effective and efficient muscle contraction throughout the body.

If you’re looking for something to give you the edge over your opponents, why not try the OSO Athletic? Aside from providing you with protection, this mouth guard will also enable you to focus on the game or match completely without any worries about ill-fitting or painful gum shields. You can also enjoy enhanced balance, power and strength.

Who is the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard for?

Anyone who plays sport, whether it’s a knock-around once a week or elite standard competition, can benefit from the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard. We strongly recommend this product for elite and amateur performers in rugby union and league, hockey and ice hockey, boxing, martial arts, fighting sports and lacrosse.

If you’d like to find out more, simply give us a call or pop in when you’re next visiting Leeds city centre.

Protection and performance: the OSO Athletic mouth guard

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

373639_blogSports injuries are one of the most common types of dental injury. At City Dental we advise all our patients who participate in contact sports to wear a protective mouth guard and we are proud to be one of the UK’s only dental practices to offer the hugely impressive and innovative OSO Athletic mouth guard. This is much more than your average mouth guard. Not only does it protect your teeth against injuries caused by contact and impact, it also ensures that your jaw joint is always in the best position, which enables you to focus on your performance on the field, rather than worrying about aches and pains. If your jaw is not in the best position, this can increase pressure on the facial muscles, which can restrict movement and cause pain and stiffness. With the OSO Athletic, you can rest assured that your jaw will be in the optimum position from the moment you place your custom-made mouth guard over your teeth. The OSO Athletic mouth guard does not just benefit your mouth; it facilitates better muscular movement throughout the body. We actively encourage amateur and professional athletes who take part in sports such as rugby, boxing, martial arts, hockey and lacrosse, to wear a mouth guard and we recommend the OSO Athletic for unrivalled levels of protection and enhanced performance.



Caring for Your Teeth in Sports in Leeds

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

On a daily basis in Leeds, we put ourselves a risk without even knowing it, yet when we choose to do something risky, like sports, we like to cover ourselves for the risks involved as much as we can. This involves wearing some form of protection to limit the risk of injury, and with contact sports, this should also extend to the wearing of a mouth-guard. The head and neck are very fragile areas of the body and by wearing some form of gum-shield, it can limit the damage to these places. Generally, there are three types of protection you can buy: over-the-shelf/ fit all types, ones which you place in warm water then mould them to your mouth and then bespoke ones that are tailored to you and your sport- these are probably the best because they lessen the forces going through your mouth. Most people would assume that a mouth-guard just protects the teeth and gums….not so. It is designed to protect your jaws too as with contact sports the jaws can take a bit of a battering. If this is protected, it stops further damage going up through the head and then down into the neck and upper back. You can ask your dentist for advice about mouth-guards and between the two of you, you should be able to come up with the best form of protection.

OSO appliance improves performance by 40%!!!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

At city dental we can now provide the performance enhancing OSO appliance. This appliance can improve sports performance by an average of 20-40%. It not only improves endurance, strength, fitness and flexibilty but will also decrease the chance of injury. At city dental we not only make these appliances for atheletes but also for people who have difficulty doing any forms of exercise. If you are from Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield , Barnsley or the suurounding areas and would like to improve your sports performance why not contact our helpful team on the application form above.