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How to Care For Your Teeth When You Play Sports

2112592_blogAlthough we actively encourage patients of all ages to live active lifestyles, we also ask you to bear your teeth in mind when you’re getting ready to get out into the field, onto the pitch or into the ring. We encourage all our patients who participate in contact sports to wear a mouth guard to reduce the risk of injury and protect those pearly whites from danger.

About mouth guards

Mouth guards are appliances worn over the teeth to provide a protective barrier against hard surfaces, objects or injuries caused by falling awkwardly or clashing into other people. Mouth guards can be bought and moulded at home, but we strongly recommend paying a little more for a dentist-made, custom-designed mouth guard. By wearing a mouth guard, you can reduce your risk of injuries such as chipped, broken and dislodged teeth.

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard

At City Dental Leeds we are delighted to be one of just a few practices in the country to offer the amazing OSO Athletic Mouth Guard. This highly advanced appliance promises to improve your sporting performance as well as protecting against injuries.

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard is hugely beneficial for patients who participate in a range of sports and it enhances performance by reducing tension in the muscles and increasing the efficiency of muscle contraction. It does this by adjusting the position of the jaw joint. The appliance is specifically designed to modify the position of your jaw to ensure that it remains in optimum place throughout the duration of your performance. This increases comfort and ensures that the facial muscles are not under unnecessary strain. Trials have shown that wearing this innovative mouth guard can also help to improve strength and power.

We recommend the OSO Athletic for participants of all ages and levels of ability in the following sports:

  • boxing
  • Field hockey and ice hockey
  • kick-boxing
  • rugby union and league
  • wrestling
  • martial arts
  • lacrosse
  • cage fighting

If you have any questions about mouth guards or you would like to learn more about the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard, call us today and we will be happy to help!

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