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How to Care For Your Teeth When You Play Sports

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

2112592_blogAlthough we actively encourage patients of all ages to live active lifestyles, we also ask you to bear your teeth in mind when you’re getting ready to get out into the field, onto the pitch or into the ring. We encourage all our patients who participate in contact sports to wear a mouth guard to reduce the risk of injury and protect those pearly whites from danger.

About mouth guards

Mouth guards are appliances worn over the teeth to provide a protective barrier against hard surfaces, objects or injuries caused by falling awkwardly or clashing into other people. Mouth guards can be bought and moulded at home, but we strongly recommend paying a little more for a dentist-made, custom-designed mouth guard. By wearing a mouth guard, you can reduce your risk of injuries such as chipped, broken and dislodged teeth.

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard

At City Dental Leeds we are delighted to be one of just a few practices in the country to offer the amazing OSO Athletic Mouth Guard. This highly advanced appliance promises to improve your sporting performance as well as protecting against injuries.

The OSO Athletic Mouth Guard is hugely beneficial for patients who participate in a range of sports and it enhances performance by reducing tension in the muscles and increasing the efficiency of muscle contraction. It does this by adjusting the position of the jaw joint. The appliance is specifically designed to modify the position of your jaw to ensure that it remains in optimum place throughout the duration of your performance. This increases comfort and ensures that the facial muscles are not under unnecessary strain. Trials have shown that wearing this innovative mouth guard can also help to improve strength and power.

We recommend the OSO Athletic for participants of all ages and levels of ability in the following sports:

  • boxing
  • Field hockey and ice hockey
  • kick-boxing
  • rugby union and league
  • wrestling
  • martial arts
  • lacrosse
  • cage fighting

If you have any questions about mouth guards or you would like to learn more about the OSO Athletic Mouth Guard, call us today and we will be happy to help!

We Offer A Mouth Guard For Those Playing Sports In The City Of Leeds

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

373639_blogLeeds is home to some great sporting arenas and facilities; if you enjoy sports and you regularly participate in activities, which pose a risk of dental injury, we strongly recommend the OSO Athletic mouth guard. This is not just your average gum shield; as well as offering you protection against flying objects, hard surfaces and incoming opponents, this mouth guard also adapts the position of the jaw to improve muscle contraction and reduce tension in and around the facial muscles.

About the OSO Athletic mouth guard

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is an advanced mouth guard, which offers much more than a standard sports gum shield. These devices are custom-made using incredibly detailed information about the individual and the latest design concepts; when you place your bespoke mouth guard in your mouth, it will automatically adjust the position of the jaw joint to ensure that it is in the optimum place. This reduces tension and strain in the muscles around the jaw, increases the range of movement in the joint and also facilitates more efficient muscle contraction throughout the body; this also helps to improve balance and power.

The OSO Athletic mouth guard also helps to improve posture, which ensures that the individual trains or plays adopting good posture; this improves performance and reduces the risk of muscular pain.

Who is the OSO Athletic mouth guard for?

This high-tech mouth guard is suitable for anyone who plays contact sport or engages in fighting sports or activities that carry a risk of dental njury; you don’t need to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of this amazing mouth guard. We recommend this product to anyone who enjoys the following sports and activities:

  • rugby (union and league)
  • ice hockey
  • field hockey
  • martial arts
  • wrestling
  • boxing
  • lacrosse

We are proud to be one of few clinics in the UK to offer the OSO Athletic mouth guard; if you’d like to find out more, call us today!


Look After Your Smile When Doing Contact Sports

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

373639_blogIf you’re looking for that extra special something to propel your sporting performance to the next level and keep you away from dental waiting rooms or Accident and Emergency departments, allow us to introduce you to the amazing OSO Athletic mouth guard. This incredible appliance doesn’t just protect your from dental injuries, it also improves your performance on the field or in the ring. This is a hugely advanced gum shield and we are proud to be one of few practices in the UK to offer this service.

What’s all the fuss about?

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is a gum shield, which operates on the next level; this amazing appliance corrects the position of the jaw to improve posture, facilitate effective and efficient muscle contraction and release pain and tension. With all these added features, you can focus on the game, give it your best shot and enjoy yourself without any worries about an ill-fitting mouth guard, muscle aches or discomfort.

Each appliance is custom-designed for the individual; the mouth guard is made based on detailed images and measurements and it corrects the position of the jaw as soon as you place it in your mouth. By adjusting the position of the jaw, tension in the muscles is reduced and you will feel a lot more comfortable. This mouth guard has also been proven to increase strength, power and balance by improving muscle contraction.

Who can benefit from the OSO Athletic mouth guard?

Anyone who participates in fighting or contact sports can benefit from the OSO Athletic guard; you don’t need to be a professional rugby player or an elite boxer to reap the rewards.

We strongly recommend this appliance for anyone who participates in boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, kick-boxing, hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby union and rugby league.

City Leeds Swears By The OSO Mouth Guard For Greater Protection

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

2603730_blogIf you play contact sports or games, which involve an element of danger, we recommend wearing a protective mouth guard. We are lucky to be one of a select group of clinics, which offers the incredible OSO Athletic mouth guard.

What is the OSO Athletic mouth guard?

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is an innovative gum shield, which goes far and above the stand sports mouth guard. This device has been developed using advanced technology and design to provide high levels of protection for the teeth and gums and to enhance sporting performance by improving posture and facilitating efficient muscle contraction.

Each device is custom-made using accurate and precise details and measurements. When you place the mouth guard in your mouth, it automatically positions the jaw in the correct place and this helps to reduce strain and tension in the facial muscles and increase the range of movement around the jaw. With no pain or pressure to worry about, this means that you can focus entirely on the game and give your best performance. Improved posture also helps to lower the risk of back, neck and shoulder pain.

Who can benefit from an OSO Athletic mouth guard?

Anyone who plays a sport that carries a risk of dental injury is advised to wear a protective mouth guard to reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the teeth. The OSO Athletic is a very advanced piece of kit, but this doesn’t mean that it’s only suitable for elite athletes and it will be beneficial for participants of all abilities. We strongly recommend the OSO Athletic mouth guard for anyone who plays hockey, rugby and lacrosse, as well as those who participate in boxing and martial arts.

Leeds Supports the OSO ATHLETIC GUARD for Greater Posture

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

3206808_blogAt City Dental we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and this is why we recommend the OSO Athletic Guard for patients who like to participate in contact sports on a regular basis.

The OSO Athletic Guard is a gum shield with a difference; it doesn’t just protect your teeth, it also aligns your jaw and corrects your posture, so that you can enjoy a better performance without worrying about pain and stiffness in your facial muscles.

How does the OSO Athletic Guard work?

The OSO Athletic Guard is designed to correct the alignment of your jaw every time you wear the gum shield. If your jaw is aligned correctly, this prevents strain on the muscles and facilitates better posture and muscle contraction, which will improve your performance on the field, as well as protecting your teeth from injury.

The guard is manufactured based on specific information about your mouth and impressions and images of your teeth to ensure that it is comfortable and fits snugly. Dentist-made mouth guards are much more comfortable than shop-bought guards and the OSO Athletic gum shield also has benefits for your performance.

We highly recommend the OSO Athletic Guard for amateur or elite athletes who play the following sports: football, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, ice hockey, martial arts and boxing.