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Leeds dentists advise on Inman aligners to straighten teeth effectively

For anyone put off getting their teeth straightened by the thought of wearing an unsightly metal brace for as much as three years, things have changed and new products are available that are far more discreet and work far quicker than traditional braces. One such product is the Inman aligner and you should read on for more information.
Inman aligners are far quicker than traditional braces, in fact the average treatment is just six months, that’s about a quarter of the typical period spent wearing a traditional brace. They are far more discreet too as they do not involve all of the metal brackets and wires that were so troubling for so many youths who had to wear traditional braces. In fact the only visible part of Inman aligners is a single metal bar running across the front teeth.
They are also completely removable which means you don’t have to worry about one of the less popular aspects of metal braces: food getting trapped and leading to bad breath. You can take your Inman aligner out to clean it whenever it is necessary to do so.
Inman aligners work with the power of a concealed, coiled spring which gently pushes the teeth against the afore mentioned straightening bar at the front of the mouth. As such they are not suitable for actually rotating teeth but for issues with alignment and straightening, aligners from Inman are very effective.
You might think that with all of the improvements on traditional methods that Inman aligners offer, they would be more expensive but actually they cost roughly the same as most other orthodontic treatments. If you need to know any more information then you should be sure to ask your Leeds dentist next time you are in the surgery.

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