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Why You Should Consider a Denture

Friday, June 24th, 2016

3177025_blogComplete tooth loss can be devastating to a person’s emotional wellbeing as well as their oral health. It stops you from being able to eat certain foods, can make your face appear sunken and aged and can also affect the way you speak. Tooth loss can make you look, feel and even sound like a different person, but thankfully there is a massive range of treatment to restore your smile to its former glory, one of the best being complete dentures.

Dentures for missing teeth

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many, many years and are one of the most cost-effective options for restoring a smile.

Making custom-fitted dentures requires around five appointments, which might involve:

  • Checking and assessing your oral health
  • Making a dental impression of your gums and mouth
  • Using a ‘try-in’ denture to see what kind of denture suits you
  • Fitting you with a temporary denture while you wait for your custom-fitted denture
  • Making sure your new denture fits you perfectly

Some patients may also require tooth extraction before they can be fitted with dentures and in this case we will wait eight weeks to give your gums time to heal.

How to look after your denture

A denture can last 10-15 years without needing to be altered, if you keep the health of your mouth in optimum condition. This requires keeping your gums clean and soaking your dentures overnight. It is advisable to always take your dentures out when you sleep, to allow your gum times to rest.

Also avoid putting your dentures in hot water, as this could warp the denture, making it unwearable.

Dentures and dental implants

Dentures can also be held in place using dental implants, which increases the stability and strength of your smile, making eating, speaking and smiling as easy as it was with natural teeth.

Solve Tooth Loss with Dentures

Friday, November 6th, 2015

2433646_sDentures from Leeds dentists are practical solution to tooth loss

If you have suffered from an accident that caused you to lose your teeth, or you have been affected by prolonged dental decay that meant your teeth fell out, it is vital that you replace your teeth.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Having a full set of teeth makes eating so much easier because your teeth are ideal implements for chewing food so that it can be digested properly.  Having no teeth can spoil your appearance and lead to a loss of confidence, especially if your cheeks begin to sag, making you look older than you are.

One practical option in this case is to get your dentist to fit a set of dentures. Modern dentures can be extremely realistic looking and hard-wearing.  They can be removed for cleaning and are generally far more comfortable than they used to be.  Dentures are able to be held in place by the natural suction of your gums or by using a fixing agent.

Some people now prefer the more permanent solution of having replacement teeth fixed in place with dental implants.  It is possible that dentures can slip while you are eating, drinking or talking and this can be embarrassing, but techniques are improving all the time.  Innovations like friction-free dentures, for example, are changing the way that people think about dentures.

Looking for a cosmetic dentist? Leeds dentists are here to help

Restore your confidence and your ability to eat food with ease by asking your City Dental Leeds dentist about dentures today.

Marvellous Modern Dentures

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

2433646_sThere’s a general assumption that dentures are for older people and they constitute heavy-set, artificial looking teeth. However, the reality is that dentures have come a long way and modern dentures are nothing short of marvellous. Our modern dentures are suitable for patients of all ages with varying dental needs and they really can create beautiful, functional smiles and ensure that you feel confident, whether you’re eating out at a restaurant, presenting in front of an audience or smiling for the camera.

About modern dentures

Modern dentures are sleek, comfortable and extremely natural looking. Our modern dentures are designed to look exactly like healthy natural teeth and they offer style and substance. We use only the finest quality materials and our dentures are custom-designed using the latest imaging technology and the skill and creativity of highly trained and experienced dental technicians.

Once your denture has been made, we recommend regular check-ups so that we can keep an eye on the fit of the denture. Dentures last a long time, but they may need replacing or adjusting, as the shape of the mouth changes on a constant basis and it’s essential to ensure that the denture is a perfect fit. Ill-fitting dentures increase the risk of soreness and irritation and they also don’t always work to their full capacity.

The advantages of dentures

Dentures are a tried and tested, reliable method of replacing lost natural teeth and they offer a versatile solution, catering for patients with a small number of entire arches of missing teeth. Denture treatment is simple and safe, the procedure to fit the denture is non-invasive and we can usually have dentures ready within two to three weeks, so you won’t have to wait around to enjoy the benefits they bring. Modern dentures offer incredible aesthetics and they are also easy to care for and keep clean. The materials we use are durable and strong and we guarantee a stunning aesthetic.

If you’d like to find out more about our dentures, call today.

Why We Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

3708143_blogWhile it can be distressing to lose a tooth or a number of teeth, there are many effective replacement treatments available today. We are delighted to offer a range of tooth restoration and replacement methods including dental bridges, dentures, mini implants and dental implants.

Why is it beneficial for replace missing teeth?

Losing even a single tooth can have far-reaching implications. The aesthetic of the smile is altered, there’s a risk of neighbouring teeth moving out of position and you may suffer from a lack of confidence, especially in situations where your smile is visible to a lot of people. Missing teeth can also increase the risk of dental infection, make it difficult to eat certain foods and affect speech and pronunciation.

Replacing missing teeth not only restores the aesthetic of a beautiful smile, it also makes it possible to enjoy a wider range of foods, improves speech and gives you greater confidence. Tooth replacements can also benefit the remaining teeth and help to reduce the risk of dental disease.

Tooth replacement options

We offer modern dentures, highly effective dental implants and hassle-free dental bridges to restore beautiful, functional smiles. Dentures are a very popular tried and tested method for replacing a number of lost teeth and the process is simple. Bridges are easy and affordable and treatment only takes around 2 weeks. This is a good option for patients who have single missing tooth or a small number of lost teeth. Implants are a long-term option and they are growing in popularity. They are the most expensive treatment option, but they do last for many years and provide the best results.

If you have missing teeth and you would like more information or to discuss your dental needs with an expert dentist, call us today and book an appointment.


Dentures in Leeds Are a Great Cost Effective Alternative to Implants

Friday, March 14th, 2014

3177025_blogDental implants are great, but there’s no denying that they are an expensive treatment. Dentures are a more affordable option and modern dentures are a really great replacement for missing natural teeth.

Dentures are false teeth, which are designed to restore function to the mouth in the event that the natural teeth are lost. Most people associate dentures with older people who have lost their teeth through ageing, but they can be effective for patients of all ages. It is possible to get partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth and complete or full dentures to replace an entire arch of missing teeth.

Benefits of denture treatment

Dentures have a bit of a bad reputation and if you’ve got an old-fashioned image of a huge set of false teeth sat in a glass by the bed, you will be pleasantly surprised by the modern versions. Today’s dentures are light, functional and aesthetically pleasing and they can have a really positive impact on your quality of life. If you have a large number of missing teeth this has an impact on your confidence and your appearance, as well as your speech and your ability to eat. If you’re missing out on a balanced diet because you’re avoiding foods that are hard to chew, this can affect your overall health. Dentures help to eradicate these problems and enable you to enjoy good health, as well as a beautiful, natural looking smile.