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How chewing Gum can work wonders for you in Leeds

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

2904341_blogIt is a funny thing really, if you were ever caught chewing gum at school in Leeds in the dark and distant past, you may have been whipped, told to stand in the corner and possibly with detention in the pipeline at the end of the day. Well from now on you can be cheeky back because it has been proven by research that chewing gum is actually good for your teeth and gums. The whole chewing action produces saliva in your mouth- brilliant for combating bacteria that is a never ending threat to your oral health. But if you stick a lump of gum in your mouth after a meal, it can further help to remove sticky stuff from foods from settling on the surfaces of your teeth. Don’t go mad with it though: it can help to strengthen the muscles that protect you’re your jaw joints, but over-chewing can also be detrimental to your jaws as well. The gum that you munch on should also be sugar free as well otherwise you’ll be rather leaving sugar on your teeth that could lead to tooth decay. Tell that to your teacher!

The Benefits Behind Chewing Gum In Leeds

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Chewing gum has always been seen as a bit of a taboo, even in Leeds: rude to do in public, banned at school and generally a social no-no. But how wonderful it is to see this gum fighting its corner, whilst having the whole of the dental and medical world behind it? That is certainly not going to go down well in the headmaster’s office. The thing is though, the actual chewing process is considered to be good for the brain, but it is the mouth where all the advantageous action comes. Chewing gum is a good way to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. It can stimulate the minerals in the teeth’s enamel, clear the surfaces of acids, whilst helping in the removal of food lodged between the teeth, and by doing all of this, it reduces the causes/chances of bad breath. For the gums, it can increase the blood flow in them and help breakdown bacteria in the mouth. Its most important contribution though comes with the promotion of saliva levels in the mouth. Saliva is the natural defence in the mouth and fights bacteria. By chewing gum, it increases the level of saliva in the mouth and hence, keeps the natural balance in the mouth.