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Overcoming Dental Phobia and Taking the First Steps Toward Your New Smile

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

585811_blogWhen seeing the A-Listers of Hollywood impressing many on the silver screen or in the glamour magazines for all to see, it is very hard not to notice that the quality of their teeth is outstanding; they are straight, white and sparkly. For anyone else who does not live and work in this vibrant community, they might yearn to have a great new smile but for some reason or other do not know where to turn first.

The initial step

To begin with, attend an initial consultation. Even if you are nervous about visiting a dentist, our highly qualified professionals understand that a dental practice is not an ideal place for everybody, but every effort is made to ease any anxiety. In this initial meeting, a consultation will be made with our welcoming and understanding professionals where they will advise you on what they propose for improving your oral health and giving you that new smile that you might have been after for some time.

What comes next

After the initial meeting, it will be discussed between you and your dental professional about what is the next best step. Our dental professionals will not presume what is best for you but will discuss in great detail what courses of treatment are available to you. A complete breakdown of the prices for the treatment will be presented to you so there is no chance of any hidden charges.

It needn’t be an arduous time

So, no matter what your previous dental health history is and despite what you have experienced in other dental practices, here at the City Dental Leeds the many highly trained professionals understand this and work with you and not against you.

For further information about the many dental services we can provide for you, contact 020 7247 8057 so you can be assisted in having that great smile you’ve always longed to have.

Battling your issue of Dental Phobia in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

2986104_blogThe modern dentist is like no other before and has never had the luxury of such brilliant equipment and techniques to use when treating a patient. They are also very knowledgeable about everything about their patients, not only in the mouth, but throughout the body- from head to toe: dentists understand the lot. Now all of this makes you wonder why a lot of people in the city of Leeds still suffer from dental phobia because if they were to sit down with their dentists and learn about just how better dentistry has become, it may just alleviate some of their fears that have built up around the industry: today’s dentists are also schooled in this problem as well. However, it isn’t that easy to convince a patient about all of this and sometimes phobias are so deep rooted, they are difficult to break down and bring to the surface, but if it is possible to do so, the patient may then have exorcised a demon. It will take time in some people but until the problem is solved, it could prevent a patient from getting important treatments to keep their mouths healthy, and if things get worse, the more intricate the procedures become and probably worsen the phobia as well. People should take heart though from finding a quick answer to beating their phobias; if they can conquer one, they can tackle others in life that they may have and start to get on with their lives without so much fear surrounding them.