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Restore Your Smile with Our Range of Cosmetic Treatments

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

529808_blogCosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity every year and it’s no wonder! With amazing modern treatments, we can make every client’s dental dreams come true.

About cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dentistry concerned purely with the aesthetic of the smile. The aim of cosmetic dental treatments is to improve and enhance the look of the teeth and gums to create a more attractive smile.

Although the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are mainly aesthetic, it can also have a major influence on self-esteem and confidence. Your smile is one of you most noticeable features, so it’s understandable that people who are concerned about the look of their smile feel self-conscious when their smile is in the spotlight. With cosmetic dental treatment, people who have previously been unhappy with the look of their teeth can enjoy much greater confidence.

Our cosmetic dental treatments

The range of cosmetic dental treatments available to dental patients is expanding all the time and this is a really exciting time for dentists and patients alike. Nowadays, thanks to technology and innovation, you can find a solution for almost any aesthetic problem imaginable.

We are proud of our treatment list, which includes the following popular cosmetic treatments:

  • teeth whitening: an effective, simple treatment that lightens the teeth to produce a gleaming white smile
  • veneers: popular with celebrities, veneers are wafer-thin sheets of porcelain, which are custom-shaped and applied onto the teeth to create a brand new look
  • white fillings: an aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal fillings, white fillings restore decayed and damaged teeth without impacting on the beauty of the tooth. They are designed to match the shade of the tooth incredibly closely, so you won’t be able to spot them when you smile
  • porcelain crowns: porcelain crowns are used to restore damaged and decayed teeth seamlessly. They help to prevent damage caused by injury and to reduce the risk of further infection
  • cosmetic bonding: a simple, painless, single-session treatment that tooth-coloured dental composite to restore worn and chipped teeth
  • gum reshaping: an effective procedure used to treat a gummy smile, this treatment reduces the amount of gum tissue that is visible when you smile to create a more balanced and attractive aesthetic

How Does Smile Imaging Work?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Beautiful young lady smilingWe are proud to offer our clients access to the latest technology right here in the heart of Leeds. We invest in new equipment and technology on a constant basis and are always on the lookout for impressive new treatments and innovations. Smile imaging is an exciting service that allows our patients to see what kinds of results they can expect after treatment before they’ve even started the treatment process.

Many people come to us looking for ways to improve the look of their smile and increase their confidence and smile imaging enables us to give them a glimpse of what they could look like, with the help of cosmetic dentistry and modern dental treatments. Seeing an image on a screen gives a much better insight into the end result than trying to imagine what your smile will look like after treatment.

How does smile imaging work?

Smile imaging is quick and simple. We take a photograph of your teeth and using advanced imaging software, we can then show you the anticipated results of your treatment. Smile imaging can be used in conjunction with many different types of treatment, including:

  • teeth whitening
  • veneers
  • dental bridges
  • crowns
  • orthodontic treatment
  • smile makeovers

Effectively, with smile imaging, we can create a digital makeover that gives you a visual representation of what you could achieve with specific treatments. This will help you to make a well-informed decision about your treatment and give you something amazing to look forward to!

If you’re interested in smile imaging or are thinking about having cosmetic, restorative or orthodontic treatment, call us today and book a consultation.


Porcelain Veneers Add A Celebrity Edge To Your Smile

Friday, August 28th, 2015

2904346_blogIf you’re one of the many people who admire the perfectly straight, bright white smiles often sported by celebrities posing for red carpet shots, you may be pleased to hear that a flawless smile is now accessible to all. Gone are the days of cosmetic dental treatment being available to the rich and famous; now, you can have an amazing smile without needing a diary full of premieres to attend. With porcelain veneers, you can achieve that amazing celebrity look in no time at all.

About porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are incredibly thin sheets of laminated porcelain, which are shaped to mimic natural teeth; they are applied to the natural teeth to create a new smile. Porcelain is an ideal material because it looks similar to healthy, radiant tooth enamel and it is hard-wearing and durable.

Veneer treatment usually involves 2-3 treatment sessions including a consultation, which is used to chat about treatment, design your new smile and plan your treatment. Once you have decided what kind of look you would like to go for and chosen the shape and shade of your veneers, your dentist will prepare your teeth in order to make room for your veneers and ensure they bond properly. The preparation stage is nothing to worry about and it simply involves taking away a very fine layer of the tooth structure and etching the surface of the tooth. Impressions of your teeth will be created and these are sent away to the laboratory; here, highly skilled dental technicians will use them as moulds for your brand new veneers. Once your veneers are ready, they will be placed on your teeth and then fixed firmly into position; they should last for several years, but you will need to take good care of them.

Why would I consider veneers?

Veneers are known for creating stunning smiles and they are a versatile option; they can provide a solution for a number of common cosmetic issues, including chips, worn edges, misshapen teeth, staining and gaps between the teeth.

Make Your Smile Clear with a Dental Veneer

Monday, July 13th, 2015

3492515_blogStudies show that most of us long for a more attractive smile and with amazing treatments like dental veneers around, a perfect smile is more accessible and obtainable than ever before. If you want to look and feel like a red carpet star very time you speak in public or pose for a photograph, veneers could be the answer.

About veneers

Veneer treatment is amazingly effective, but it’s also really simple. We create custom-made veneers to suit your dental needs and design a new aesthetic that matches your idea of the dream smile. Veneers are extremely thin and light shells, usually made from porcelain, fixed onto your natural teeth to produce a stunning new look. We can use single veneers to cover imperfections and issues such as a stained tooth or worn edges, or we can fit a full set of veneers for those who dream of a flawless, sparkling smile. We use veneers to transform the smile and they are also a versatile option for common cosmetic problems, including gaps between the teeth, chips and misshapen teeth.

Veneer treatment: what does the process involve?

You may be surprised to hear that with veneers, we can transform your smile in just two to three weeks. Before you start treatment, we invite you to a consultation to discuss the treatment in detail and check your teeth. During the consultation we also talk you through the process and ask if you have any questions. If you decide to go ahead, we then start preparing your teeth, a process that involves removing a very fine layer of the tooth surface. This stage is necessary to make room for the veneers and facilitate bonding when the new veneers are placed on your teeth. We then create impressions of your teeth and these are used by highly skilled dental technicians to manufacture bespoke veneers. Around two weeks later, we will schedule another appointment to fit your veneers. We place them on your teeth, check that you are happy with your new look and then fix them firmly onto the teeth.

How long do veneers last?

Veneers should last for several years, but the exact lifespan will depend on the type of veneer, the material used and the way you care for your veneers. When you have your veneers fitted, your dentist will talk you through the cleaning and maintenance process so that you can enjoy your new smile for years to come.

The Dental Veneer Process Explained

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

18625010The demand for cosmetic dentistry is increasing year on year in the UK, as more and more people pursue their dream smile. With veneers, we are able to transform the appearance of unsightly teeth into a stunning smile, so if you’re not confident about the look of your smile and you tend to hide away in the background whenever there’s a camera around or the opportunity to lead a pitch or present to an audience, we can help!

About veneers

Veneers are custom-designed shells of porcelain, which are fixed onto the surface of your teeth to create a brand new stunning aesthetic. In most cases, veneers are made from porcelain, but there are alternatives available.

Many people have veneers to achieve a flawless, bright smile. However, they are also a very useful treatment for patients who are looking for a solution for chipped teeth, uneven edges and gaps between the teeth.

How does the veneer treatment process work?

If you’re interested in veneer treatment, you’ll have a consultation with one of our excellent dentists to talk about treatment in more detail. Your dentist will explain how treatment works, what it involves, what you can expect from treatment and how it could benefit you. Your dentist will also check that you are a good candidate for treatment and if you agree to go ahead, the planning stage can begin.

There are various different types of veneer and they come in different shades and shapes, so you can decide what you want your smile to look like.

Veneers are very thin, but in order to create a natural look and ensure maximum comfort it is necessary to make room for them. This preparatory stage involves etching the teeth to remove a very fine layer of the surface. Each veneer is custom-made based on impressions of your teeth, which are made during the planning phase. The impressions are sent away to the laboratory where the veneers are crafted by skilled technicians. Once they have been sent back to us, we can fit them and you can see your amazing new smile!

If you’re interested in veneers or you’d like to find out more, call now and book a consultation!

Dazzle Your Friends With Your Sparkling New Smile

Friday, January 16th, 2015

iStock_000006052729XSmallIf you’re eager to start 2015 in style with a sparkling new smile, let our amazing veneers do all the hard work for you. Veneers have become incredibly popular, as more and more people seek to achieve the dream smile.

The ins and outs of veneer treatment

The perfect smile has become a focus of media attention in the last few years and many people have been inspired to have cosmetic treatment to achieve a more attractive and radiant smile. If you have chipped, stained and worn teeth or you simply want to recreate a celebrity-style smile, veneers may be the perfect choice.

Veneers are wafer-thin shells made from ceramic material (usually porcelain), which are placed on top of your natural teeth; once the veneers are in place, they create a stunning new aesthetic. There are various veneer systems available and as a patient, you have a great deal of choice in terms of the size, shape and shade of your veneers, so you really can get the smile of your dreams.

In most cases, veneer treatment can be completed in 2-3 sessions, which take place over a 2-3 week period. During the consultation stage, we plan your treatment and talk to you about the kind of aesthetic you prefer. We then create impressions of your teeth and you select your veneers. We send the impressions away to the laboratory and the new veneers should be returned within 2 weeks.

Before veneers are fitted, the teeth are prepared; this procedure is designed to make room for the veneers so that they feel comfortable and they fit without making the smile look unnatural and bulky. We simply etch away a very thin layer of the tooth surface to create space.

Once your veneers have been sent to us, we will place them on your teeth and then show you your new smile; we can then fix the veneers firmly in position once you are happy with the new look.

How long do veneers last?

Veneers should last for several years provided that they are well cared-for; some veneers last longer than others. It’s important to see your dentist on a regular basis and to keep up to date with routine check-ups.

Cerec Can Take Your Smile To That Next Level In Leeds

Monday, April 21st, 2014

4244118_blogCerec is an amazing example of modern dental technology and it allows us to offer same-day restorative treatment in the heart of Leeds. Gone are the days when you had to wait around for a new crown, veneer or onlay!

Cerec is a form of technology, which allows dental practices to make and fit new restorations, including inlays, onlays, veneers and dental crowns on-site. This means that the entire treatment process can take place in a single day, rather than over a two week period, with multiple appointments required.

Usually, dental putty is used to make moulds of the teeth and this can be an unpleasant experience, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex. With Cerec, this process is eliminated and instead, images taken with a camera are used to create designs for the new restoration. Cerec converts these images into detailed three-dimensional models and these are sent to the milling machine, where the manufacturing process takes place.

Aside from cutting the speed of treatment, Cerec also means that patients only need a single visit to the dentist, the process is cleaner and less invasive and dentists have more control over the design of the finished product. There is also no need for temporary restorations.

If you need a new crown, inlay or onlay or bespoke veneers and you’re in a rush, come and see us! In just one day, we’ll have you smiling with confidence again.