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How to Treat Yourself Post-Surgery

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

shutterstock_449928199When you’ve been through dental surgery, it’s important to do everything possible to ensure a speedy recovery. If you’ve had dental treatment, here are some tips to help you:


Any kind of treatment can put your body through its paces, and it’s best to take a day or so to rest and relax. It can take a while for the effects of anaesthetic or a sedative to wear off, so ask somebody to accompany you home, and stay with you until you feel a bit more awake and alert. Rest, and don’t try and do anything strenuous like exercise for a few days.

Take Painkillers

When you have surgery, it’s normal to experience mild pain afterwards. Your dentist may advise you to take over the counter painkillers or apply ice to the affected tooth to ease discomfort. Make sure you follow the dosage instructions, and ask your dentist or pharmacist for advice if you’re not sure what to take.

Avoid Hot Drinks

For the first couple of hours after surgery it’s best to avoid hot drinks. When your mouth is numb, you can burn yourself without realising.

Eat Soft Foods

If you’re hungry after surgery, try and make sure you stick to soft foods, which require very little effort to eat. If you try and tackle a piece of steak or a hard toffee, this could be very painful. It’s best to stick to foods like yoghurts and soups for the first couple of days. As you become more comfortable, you can start introducing a wider range of foods.

When you have surgery, your dentist will give you some aftercare tips. If you have any questions, or you’re worried about pain, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch.

We Soothe Your Dental Sorrows Here In City Centre Leeds

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

4652780_blogDental pain can be really distressing, especially if you are a nervous dental patient. If you’re in pain or you’re worried about going to the dentist, we are here to soothe your worries and allay your fears. Our friendly team promises to do everything it can to make you feel comfortable and to reassure you.

Urgent dental treatment

If you need urgent dental care, call us and we will do our best to see you and relieve any pain you are suffering as quickly as we can. Examples of dental emergencies may include dental abscesses, broken teeth and dislodged teeth; if you have injured your jaw, you will need to go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department.

Sedation for nervous patients

Sedation is a technique we use to help patients to feel more relaxed; it makes you feel calm and prevents you from feeling any pain when you have treatment. If you are having root canal treatment or tooth extraction, for example, and you are very nervous, sedation can help to relax you and ensure that you don’t panic during the procedure. When you are sedate, you remain conscious, but you will feel drowsy and sleepy. After treatment, the effects of medication start to wear off, but you shouldn’t drive, drink alcohol or operate machinery for 24 hours.

Anxious patients

One of the most worrying things about patients who suffer from severe anxiety is that they often avoid going to the dentist until they can no longer tolerate dental pain. We want to make sure that our clients feel relaxed when they have a dental appointment and we can help to ease your fears so that you feel able to come to the clinic for regular check-ups. These checks are so important because they enable us to detect and treat any problems as early as possible and they help to prevent gum disease and decay.

If you feel nervous about seeing a dentist or you haven’t had dental treatment for a long time, call us and we will help you to get the treatment you need with the minimum hassle, pain and stress.