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The problems of Smoking and Gum Disease in the City of Leeds

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

835423_blogIt is quite easy to fall foul of smoking in a hectic place like the city of Leeds and a fag or two can often calm you down through the stress caused by a busy day. Of course, we all know that smoking is not a good habit to have and aside from the damage it does to the body, it also messes up your oral health as well. When you have a puff or two, it has the tendency to dry up your saliva in the mouth: saliva is the natural element that helps to fight off bacteria and disease and without it, your mouth becomes vulnerable to attack, and if dry, one of the worst problems that can crop-up is gum disease. Both smoking and gum disease love each other and if you have gum disease, smoking will help in ruining your oral health. What comes from this is not just the threat to your teeth; gum disease can cripple the vital organs in your body and over time, you will be putting the health of your body on the line. Giving up smoking is hard- but try and fight it, or at least attempt to cut down if you are having problems with your teeth and gums. Talk to your dentists about any issues that you have on this topic because they will be able to proffer very good advice on tackling these problems: smoking seriously impedes any healing process when overcoming gum disease.

The dangerous links between Gum disease and Smoking in the City of Leeds

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

383291_blogWhenever you go in for an operation or have something done at the dentists in the city of Leeds, you will be advised against smoking directly after the event, because smoking greatly impairs the healing process once you have been treated. But when it comes to smoking, it isn’t good for your mouth anyway, as it can help to dry out your saliva- a vital element of staving of the evils of tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease is a horror to avoid as it can affect your heart and other organs, but if you discover blood on your toothbrush after cleaning, it could indicate the problem of gum disease getting a hold in your mouth. Now, you really need to get a hold of this condition, otherwise aside from what has already been mentioned, it can lead to tooth loss as well. If you want to beat this problem, you must curb your smoking, in fact, quit altogether. Only then will you be giving your mouth a sporting chance to recover from the damage done. Seek advice from your dentist/hygienist as soon as you feel that things are getting out of hand in your mouth.

The threat of Smoking to Gum Disease in Leeds

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

383291_blogWhenever you have any type of operation in Leeds, you will be advised to cut out any smoking that you may do, both before and after, as this will seriously hinder the healing process, even prevent it; similarly with anything that may go wrong with your mouth- a dry socket or a pulled tooth for example. One of the ways it can really interfere is if you if you are being treated for gum disease; it can even promote this dangerous condition. Smoking tends to dry out the saliva in the mouth as well as the gums and if you are serious about beating this disease, stop the risk of heart disease, stop your teeth from falling out and prevent it from returning in the future, you must stop smoking altogether. Many people will suffer from gum disease at some point in their lives, but you need to fight it on all fronts and only by giving up the fags will you give yourself a chance. You need to work on it at home and get your dentist on board to help treat your gums: there is also a moral here to keeping your dentist around. Dentists today know all about the affects that diseases in the mouth have on the body and can help and advise you on many ways to help improve your lifestyle: if you are serious, they will also help you kick the habit.