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Wonderful White Fillings!

2823674_blogThe best course of action to treat a cavity is usually to fill the tooth. We offer durable, aesthetically pleasing white fillings to strengthen and protect your teeth, without impacting on the look of your smile. We are able to fit new white fillings, as well as replacements for mercury amalgam fillings.

The benefits of white fillings

White fillings offer a range of benefits for patients who want to replace old fillings, as well as those who need a new one. Fillings help to protect decayed teeth from further damage and they also make the teeth stronger once they have been weakened by a cavity. Cavities are holes that form as a result of the enamel layer of the tooth being penetrated by harmful bacteria. Once a cavity forms it will grow in size, the tooth will get weaker and the risk of infection spreading through the tooth will increase.

White fillings are mainly made from dental composite, which is strong and durable yet also discreet, as it matches the shade of your teeth. Composite fillings last for many years and they are better for the environment and safer than traditional mercury fillings. Although mercury amalgam fillings are approved for use in the UK, many patients have concerns over their safety and we are proud to offer mercury-free treatment.

How is a filling placed?

If you need a filling, you will undergo a simple procedure that involves cleaning the cavity and then filling it with composite. The tooth will be numbed first to ensure you don’t feel any pain and the cavity will be cleared and cleaned thoroughly. The composite will then be put into the cavity and your dentist will spread it through the cavity to ensure that it is full. Once the cavity has been filled, it will be set firm with the use of a curing light. The light does not hurt at all and the process takes only a few seconds. Once the filling has had chance to harden, we will trim it to make sure it looks and feels perfect and then the procedure is complete.

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