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Reversible Pulpitis in Central Leeds

We put our teeth through a lot in central Leeds and expose them to a lot of things which can lead to all manner of complications and teeth and gums are very complex, as are the names that are given to the complications, so there’s a very good chance you have never heard of pulpitis. It’s a condition that generally involves inflamed pulp inside the tooth. The pulp is fed by sensitive nerve tissues and blood vessels directly connected to lymph nodes under the jaw. Reversible pulpitis is a derivative of pulpitis and the whole condition is sparked off by trauma, like a blow to the tooth, biting or even drilling treatments. Further causes include tooth decay, acids in foods and bleaches found in home bleaching kits. With reversible pulpitis, problems arise when the tooth is exposed to anything cold such as air, drinks, sweet, etc. biting can also cause pains in the tooth. Sometimes, if the tooth has a period of freedom from contact with the cold, it can recover by itself. But if pain continues, it may indicate that the pulp inside the tooth is damaged and if this is the case, there may be no other option but to remove the pulp from the tooth by a root canal.

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