We Offer A Range Of Treatments For Damaged Or Broken Teeth

November 23rd, 2014

585986_blogDental injuries, accidents and daily wear and tear can all take their toll on your teeth, but if you need restorative treatment or a replacement for a missing tooth, you’ve come to the right place. We cat patch up worn, chipped or broken teeth or find the perfect tooth replacement treatment for a missing tooth in no time.

Treatments for damaged and broken teeth

We have an array of restorative treatments available to cater for all your dental needs. Whether you’ve chipped a tooth on a humbug, you’ve broken your tooth playing sport or you’ve lost a tooth in an accident, we have the best solutions out there and we will have you smiling with confidence before you know it.

For chipped teeth, there are various options. Veneers are a popular choice for anyone who is looking for a glamorous smile, while composite bonding is a great treatment for those who are looking for a simple, quick and affordable fix. This treatment involves using dental composite, the material used for white fillings, to fill in chips, add more height to worn surfaces and make weakened teeth stronger. The procedure takes an hour, there’s no pain involved and you can enjoy the benefits immediately. If your tooth is weak as a result of a cavity, we can fill the tooth to make it stronger; treatment takes less than an hour and we use local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort.

If your tooth is broken and the damage is too extensive for a filling or bonding, we may recommend an inlay or onlay or a crown. Inlays and onlays are usually referred to as the middle ground between fillings and crowns and they are colour matched for a flawless finish. Crowns are used very commonly for broken teeth and they can also be used to strengthen infected and decayed teeth. Crowns are positioned over the top of the tooth to make it stronger; they are made from various materials, including ceramics, such as porcelain, so they can blend in with the natural teeth.

Treatments for missing teeth

We also offer dentures, dental bridges and dental implants for patients with missing teeth. Call us today if you’re in need of restorative work and we can help you decide which is the best solution for you.


We Offer A Range Of Finance Packages

November 22nd, 2014

3389934_blogAt City Dental Leeds we understand the importance of flexibility to our patients and we strive to promote a positive experience for every patient. As well as ensuring that we offer the best treatments out there, we also aim to provide a comfortable, stylish space for our clients and we provide a range of flexible finance options to make treatment more accessible and affordable.

Dental finance

We recognise that many of the treatments we offer are not affordable immediately for some patients and this is we offer finance plans, which enable clients to spread the cost of treatment. With finance, patients agree to a fixed term and monthly payment amount, which means that they pay the total price of treatment over a prolonged period of time, rather than paying the total bill up-front. This means that our treatments are available to a wider range of people and more clients can enjoy the wonders of cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic dentistry.

We are able to offer finance on a range of treatments, from the latest cosmetic braces to smile makeovers and dental implants. Simply call us to arrange a consultation or pop in and see us to learn more about dental finance and how it could benefit you.

Membership and Denplan

We offer a membership scheme with Denplan, which helps patients to cover the costs of routine dental care. In return for a small monthly payment, patients receive a care package, which includes 2 check-ups (per year), a hygiene treatment, dental X-rays (when required), dental care advice and access to urgent dental care. Patients also receive discounts on cosmetic dental treatments. The essential membership plan does not include non-routine treatments, restorative treatment, sedation or referrals for specialist treatment. To find out about the benefits of our Denplan scheme and to learn more about what is included, simply give us a call or ask us about it when you’re next in town or at the clinic.


Bridge Your Lost Tooth Gap With A Dental Bridge!

November 21st, 2014

3177562_blogA dental bridge is a simple, effective way of replacing a missing tooth; this treatment aims to bridge the gap between two teeth, giving you better oral function and a more attractive smile.

What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are types of restoration, which are used to fill the gap when a tooth is lost. Most commonly, bridges are made of a false tooth with a crown on either side. Once the bridge has been placed, the smile should look healthier and more youthful and you should be able to use the tooth in the same way as your natural teeth. Bridges are usually made from ceramic, which means that they can be colour matched to the natural tooth shade; this means that it’s impossible to tell the difference between the bridge and the rest of the teeth.

Bridge treatment

Bridge treatment usually takes place over a 2 week period with 2 sessions. During the first session, we will plan your treatment and create an impression of your teeth; this is sent to the laboratory and your dental bridge will be made by skilled technicians. Around 2 weeks later, we will be ready to fit the bridge; we simply slot it into place and then secure it using dental adhesive. Treatment is painless and there’s no need for anaesthetic or injections.

How long will a bridge last?

Bridges are durable and hard-wearing and they should last for at least 10-15 years. Although they are not built to last a lifetime like implants, they are a long-term option and they are much less expensive; the treatment process for a dental bridge is also much simpler and shorter than implant treatment.

If you have a missing tooth and you’re searching for a quick, simple and painless solution, a dental bridge could be just what you’ve been looking for. Call us now to make an appointment.

Tips And Tricks After Having Whitening Treatment

November 20th, 2014

235042_blogMany of us are looking forward to a fun-filled festive season and what better way to celebrate than with a sparkling white smile? If you’re thinking of having whitening treatment this winter, why not give us a call and book your consultation?

About whitening treatment

We offer incredibly effective and convenient home whitening treatment, which produces radiant results in just 2 weeks. Home whitening is really simple and all you have to do is wear your bespoke whitening trays at home for 2 weeks. The trays are designed for you based on impressions of your teeth and they contain whitening gel, which lightens the shade of your teeth, giving you a whiter, brighter smile.

Usually, you start to notice the results after just a few days and by the end of the fortnight, your smile will look camera-ready in perfect time for the party season. We usually recommend wearing the trays for 6 hours per day.

What happens after whitening?

The results of your whitening treatment should last for years to come, but the longevity of treatment is heavily dependent on you and the lifestyle choices you make. Whiteness fades with time and there are certain factors that accelerate this process, including smoking, poor oral hygiene and food choices. If you drink coffee all day every day or you enjoy a couple of glasses of red on a nightly basis, you’ll probably find that your teeth start to become discoloured fairly quickly.

If you’re desperate to keep your radiant glow, we recommend regular hygiene sessions and dental checks, a good oral hygiene routine at home, avoiding smoking and trying to cut down on foods and drinks, which are known to stain the teeth. We also recommend drinking plenty of water.

With home whitening, it is possible to repeat treatment occasionally to prolong the results.


We Also Offer Innovative CT Scans

November 19th, 2014

3488681_blogAt City Dental Leeds, we pride ourselves in offering the best treatments and our clinic is packed with the latest technology and equipment. We are proud to have a CT scanner on-site and we accept referrals from other clinics for CT scans, as well as providing services for our clients.

CT scans have a range of uses within modern dentistry; we use them primarily during implant treatment.

What are CT scans used for?

CT scans have a whole range of uses within medicine and dentistry. We use CT scans for implant treatment, as the images enable us to locate the best site for the dental implant. CT scans are much more detailed than traditional X-rays and this means that we can find the optimum location for the implant at the planning stage; we can also use the scan images to guide us during the procedure to fit the implants. We also use scans during consultations to ascertain whether or not patients are suitable candidates for implant treatment; we can use the images to check bone density and look at 3D models of the jaws.

What happens when you have a CT scan?

Having a CT scan is not painful and there’s no need to feel worried or apprehensive. Before you have your scan, you’ll be asked to take out any jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces and you will be told all about the scan, what’s going to happen and how long it will take. We will provide you with a mouthpiece, which will help you to keep your mouth open and the scanner will then take images of your mouth; you don’t have to anything apart from trying to stay as still as possible. The scan takes a maximum of 15 minutes and you will be free to head home straight afterwards.

Introducing Sedation Dentistry For Nervous Patients

November 18th, 2014

3534882_blogFor many, going to the dentist is a scary experience, but at City Dental Leeds, we are determined to help you conquer you fears and ensure that you feel comfortable every time you visit us.

Many of our patients feel anxious when their appointment approaches and for some, fear is so profound that they avoid seeing a dentist for long periods of time. If you’re a nervous patient, you suffer from severe anxiety or you have dental phobia, we are here to help. We offer sedation for nervous patients and we also adopt a friendly, compassionate approach; our team is highly trained and we have years of experience in treating anxious patients. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and we hope to help you overcome your dental fears.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a technique, which is used frequently in medicine and dentistry to help patients to feel comfortable when they are undergoing a procedure. Sedation involves using sedatives to induce a state of relaxation on the body and mind; it prevents you from feeling pain and also reduces anxiety.

When you are sedated, you don’t lose consciousness but you will feel a little drowsy; you’ll be able to hear what’s going on and you can talk to your dentist throughout the procedure if you would like to. Once your dentist has finished your treatment, they will give you medication to wake you up and the effects of the sedative will start to subside.

You may feel a little dazed and sleepy for a while after sedation, but you will be able to go home; we ask patients to ensure that they have somebody with them to accompany them home and sit with them until the effects have worn off completely. It’s important not to exercise, drink alcohol or drive for 24 hours after treatment.

Meet The Orthodontic Hybrid That Is Damon Braces

November 17th, 2014

3014970_blogIf you’re searching for an orthodontic treatment, which combines the reliability and efficacy of fixed braces with the innovation and discretion of modern braces, we have the perfect treatment for you: Damon Braces.

Damon Braces are often described as a hybrid treatment because they combine new technology and design concepts with the ability to produce amazing results like traditional fixed braces. These braces offer a modern alternative to traditional orthodontics for patients with moderate and complex orthodontic issues.

About Damon Braces

Damon Braces are fixed braces, which use innovative technology which lessens the time needed to treat the teeth and creates incredible results. Damon Braces are different to traditional fixed braces because they have self-ligating wires and sliding brackets; these brackets not only produce gentle forces, which are extremely effective for bringing about tooth movement, they are also easier to clean.

Damon Braces are smaller than traditional braces and they don’t have elastic or dental bands; there’s no need for painful tightening and most patients don’t have to undergo extraction before they start treatment, as the braces are capable of creating space.

What do Damon Braces look like?

Damon Braces aren’t invisible like clear aligners, but they are much less noticeable than traditional braces, as the brackets are clear; the braces are also smaller.

How long does treatment take?

Damon Braces are suitable for patients who need a lot of movement and they are often recommended as an change from traditional fixed braces; as a result of this, treatment times are longer than systems that are aimed at patients with minor issues. That said, this system works faster than conventional fixed braces and treatment time is usually around 4-6 months shorter than traditional braces. Typically, you can expect to wear Damon Braces for between 12 and 24 months. Once you have had your initial consultation, your City Dental dentist will be able to give you an accurate idea of your predicted treatment time.

Look After Your Smile When Doing Contact Sports

November 16th, 2014

373639_blogIf you’re looking for that extra special something to propel your sporting performance to the next level and keep you away from dental waiting rooms or Accident and Emergency departments, allow us to introduce you to the amazing OSO Athletic mouth guard. This incredible appliance doesn’t just protect your from dental injuries, it also improves your performance on the field or in the ring. This is a hugely advanced gum shield and we are proud to be one of few practices in the UK to offer this service.

What’s all the fuss about?

The OSO Athletic mouth guard is a gum shield, which operates on the next level; this amazing appliance corrects the position of the jaw to improve posture, facilitate effective and efficient muscle contraction and release pain and tension. With all these added features, you can focus on the game, give it your best shot and enjoy yourself without any worries about an ill-fitting mouth guard, muscle aches or discomfort.

Each appliance is custom-designed for the individual; the mouth guard is made based on detailed images and measurements and it corrects the position of the jaw as soon as you place it in your mouth. By adjusting the position of the jaw, tension in the muscles is reduced and you will feel a lot more comfortable. This mouth guard has also been proven to increase strength, power and balance by improving muscle contraction.

Who can benefit from the OSO Athletic mouth guard?

Anyone who participates in fighting or contact sports can benefit from the OSO Athletic guard; you don’t need to be a professional rugby player or an elite boxer to reap the rewards.

We strongly recommend this appliance for anyone who participates in boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling, kick-boxing, hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby union and rugby league.

Find Out More About Braces On The Back Of Your Teeth

November 15th, 2014

2904341_blogMany patients come to us dreaming of an invisible way of getting straight teeth and now, we can make your dreams come true. With lingual braces, we can straighten the teeth without anybody being able to see. Lingual braces are also known as behind the teeth braces because they are secured onto the back of your teeth, rather than the front.

More about lingual braces

Lingual braces are an amazing option for patients who want to enjoy a straight smile without any of the stigma that comes with wearing visible braces. This may be beneficial for teenagers who are worried about what the peers will say and think, or adults who work in roles that require face to face contact, for example, as well as those who worry about how wearing braces will affect their confidence. With lingual braces, nobody is able to see the braces, so you can enjoy enhance confidence throughout the treatment process.

STb Social 6 braces

We are delighted to offer our clients STb Social 6 lingual braces, which are designed to produce breathtaking aesthetics by realigning and positioning the social 6. The social 6 is the name given to the front six teeth.

STb Social 6 braces are smaller and lighter than traditional fixed braces and they sit on the back of the teeth to ensure that you remain completely incognito during your treatment. As this treatment only focuses on the front teeth, treatment times are very short; the speed of tooth movement is also increased by self-ligating wires.

STb Social 6 is a great choice for anyone who has minor issues with the front teeth and is interested in invisible treatment.

How long does treatment take?

STb Social 6 treatment is rapid and you’ll have an amazing smile in a matter of weeks. The average treatment time is 12-20 weeks; the exact duration will depend on your orthodontic prescription.


We Can Fix Your Smile In A Matter Of Mere Months!

November 14th, 2014

Beautiful young lady smilingMany people think they need to wear braces for year to achieve their dream of a perfectly straight smile, but with our incredible treatments, lengthy treatment times are a thing of the past. With 6 Month Smiles, it takes just months to align the teeth, meaning that you will be able to show off your new smile in no time!

The ins and outs of 6 Month Smiles: how does it work so quickly?

You may be wondering just how 6 Month Smiles managed to work so much quicker than other fixed brace treatments; this system works quicker than other treatments for 2 main reasons. The treatment is designed for patients with issues that concern the front teeth only and the technology used accelerates tooth movement. By concentrating solely on the teeth that are crooked or misaligned and utilising the latest self-ligating technology, treatment time is reduced considerably.

6 Month Smiles is a fixed brace treatment, but it offers a completely different option to traditional fixed braces. These braces are light, discreet and comfortable and they provide tailored treatment.

Could 6 Month Smiles fix my smile?

6 Month Smiles is an amazing option for patients who have problems that affect the social 6, the name given to the front teeth and it can be a great choice for those whom time is a priority; we often recommend this treatment to patients who are preparing to celebrate a landmark birthday or a wedding, for example. This treatment is not for everyone, but if it is not the perfect choice for you, we will be happy to explore other treatments and we can find a solution to give you a beautiful, straight smile.

To find out more about 6 Month Smiles or any of our other incredibly innovative orthodontic systems, simply call us or pop in if you’re in Leeds.