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Leeds dentists advise on chewing gum benefits to enhance oral health

Chewing gums benefits can be substantial to our oral health. Whether it is to freshen breath or contribute to increased production of saliva, many of us chew gum. Saliva is a vital force in protecting our teeth from the damaging effects of plaque and chewing gum is one of the simplest ways to achieve that.

Having a dry mouth can be very uncomfortable indeed and the pleasurable process of chewing gum helps to alleviate that. As a happy side effect your breath is freshened in the process. Feeling confident that your breath smells pleasant is very important for social occasions of all kinds, allowing you to talk and smile with confident without being worried that you ought to shield your mouth.

The saliva that is produced by the act of chewing neutralises acids which are introduced to the mouth via sugary and starchy foods. By combating these acids you are helping to guard against plaque, safeguard your teeth’s protective enamel and avoid painful cavities and tooth decay.

Chewing also helps clear the mouth of debris. If you find yourself in a situation where brushing is not possible – perhaps a business function involving lunch – chewing gum is the next best thing until you are able to use your toothbrush. The process of chewing will help to shift some of your food debris away from teeth and neutralise acids in the process.

The likelihood of stains is also reduced allowing your teeth to retain some of their whiteness. There are many different chewing gums available on the market and your Leeds dentist will be able to advise you on the best so that you maintain healthy saliva production and fresh breath.

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