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See What It’s Like To Have A Brand New Leeds Cerec Smile

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

iStock_000000363253XSmallIf you’re searching for an example to demonstrate how amazing modern dentistry is, look no further than Cerec. Allow us to tell you just how great this technology is!

What is Cerec?

Cerec is a form of technology, which has revolutionised the way dentists provide restorative treatment for their patients. Traditionally, dentists send impressions of the teeth away to dental technicians and then fit new restorations around 2 weeks later, but with Cerec, we can complete the entire process, from the design concept to the finished result, in just a single day. Cerec also enables us to do everything on-site, which means that the process is easy, convenient and very quick.

With Cerec technology, images of the teeth are converted into 3D models, which are sent across to the milling machine; the milling process takes minutes and once it is complete, the new restoration can be fitted.

Cerec enables us to create bespoke crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers without the need for temporary restorations, putty moulds or waiting around for 2 weeks.

How can Cerec benefit me?

Cerec is hugely beneficial for any patient that needs restorative treatment. The treatment process is incredibly convenient and quick, there’s no need to find time for repeat appointments and you can have the permanent restoration fitted straightaway. The process is more accurate and it affords dentists and patients more influence in the design stage.

If you would like to find out more about Cerec or book an appointment for a new crown, call us today or bob in and see us if you’re planning to head into Leeds in the near future.

Once You Go Cerec You’ll Never Go Back In Leeds

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

4683491_blogWe are delighted to offer patients in Leeds and beyond amazing same-day restorative treatment thanks to Cerec technology. Once you’ve experienced the wonders of Cerec, you’ll never go back!

What is Cerec?

Cerec is a form of technology, which enables us to create and fit brand new, custom-made restorations on-site. With this technology, we are able to offer same-day treatment for patients in need of a new crown, inlay, onlay or veneers.

Cerec uses the latest software and manufacturing processes to design and make bespoke restorations in a matter of minutes, enabling us to complete your restorative treatment in a single session.

Cerec uses images of the teeth to create detailed 3D templates, which are sent across to the milling machine; these designs are then turned into new restorations in a process that takes seconds.

How is Cerec different?

Cerec treatment is incredibly quick and convenient for both patients and dentists. The usual course of action is to create a mould using dental putty, send this away to a dental laboratory and receive the new restoration around 2 weeks later. With Cerec, the entire process can be completed in a single day, drastically reducing treatment time.

Cerec is also much cleaner and more accurate than traditional techniques and it means that patients do not have to put up with dental putty in their mouth or temporary restorations. Patients can also enjoy the benefits of treatment after just a short time in the dental chair and they don’t have to worry about booking multiple appointments.

If you’re interested in Cerec technology or you’re looking for a fast-acting solution for restorative troubles, call us today!

You’ll Look Captivating Will Our LS1 Porcelain Crowns

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Happy buddies laughingIf you have a damaged or broken tooth or your tooth is decayed, you may be advised to have a new crown. Our porcelain crowns can strengthen and repair your teeth, while also adding to the beauty of your smile.

We use porcelain to produce amazing, natural aesthetics and we have Cerec technology at the practice, so clients have a choice of same-day restorations or hand-crafted crowns, which are produced by some of the UK’s most skilled technicians. We work with the best people and we use the finest quality materials to ensure that your smile looks amazing and your teeth are healthy and strong.

Why would I need a crown?

If you’re involved in an accident or you suffer an injury playing sport and damage your teeth, you may need a crown. You may also be advised to have a new crown if your tooth is severely decayed or you have an infection and you have had root canal treatment. Crowns are also commonly used to replace missing teeth when attached to a dental implant.

Crowns help to restore the tooth and make it stronger to prevent further damage, reduce the risk of decay and infection and enable you to chew and break down your food properly.

What happens when you have a crown fitted?

Before you have a crown, it’s essential to prepare your tooth and this means taking away all of the decayed tissue and clang your tooth. The tooth will then be shaped to get rid of any jagged edges and an impression will be made (this is if you are having a hand-crafted crown, rather than a Cerec crown). The impression is sent away to the laboratory and a temporary crown is fitted. Once the new crown is ready, we can fit it and you can enjoy your new strong and healthy tooth. If you are having a same-day crown, we will take photographs of your tooth, which will be converted into models by Cerec and then sent to the on-site milling machine; your new crown will then be ready in minutes!

Cerecular Spectacular! A Fast New Smile

Monday, May 5th, 2014

iStock_000001998629XSmallWe are proud to offer our clients spectacular new same-day restorations thanks to Cerec. Cerec technology enables patients to enjoy brand new, bespoke restorations in a single visit, so there are no more temporary restorations, no more waiting around and no need for repeat sessions in the dental chair.

All about Cerec

Cerec technology is hugely impressive and innovative and it allows us to design, make and fit brand new crowns, inlays and onlays and veneers on-site, all in the same day. Usually, this process takes much longer, as impressions are sent away to the dental laboratory and then the finished product is returned to the clinic. Typically, it takes around 2 weeks and patients wear temporary restorations in the meantime.

Cerec takes images captured by a camera and converts them into three-dimensional models, which are then sent to the milling machine; this means that the entire design and manufacturing process takes place at the clinic and once the instructions have been received, the milling process takes seconds. We can then fit your new restoration and then you can head home.

Benefits of Cerec

Cerec has so many benefits, it’s hard to know where to start! Treatment time is of course an obvious benefit, as a process that can take 2 weeks can now be completed in a single day. There is also the advantage of not having to use temporary restorations and the process is much cleaner and less invasive, as no putty impressions have to be made. With fewer sessions required patients also need fewer injections.

Cerec also enables greater accuracy and allows dentists and patients to have more control over the design process.

The charm of CEREC in Leeds

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

283481_blogIt is not easy trying to find the time to fit in extra curricular dental work if you are an overworked busy bee, but if your smile is important to you and the way you look, you will have to find time. So for those of you that can identify with this dilemma, there is a treatment made just for you and it will absolutely charm the pants off you in Leeds- the charismatic CEREC. If you are looking to have a bridge made, a crown fitted or some veneers put in just to tidy your smile up, this is the answer to all your busying little prayers. This is one of those treatments that is the love-child of the computer generation and is miraculous in the way it works. Once you make an appointment and turned up for your treatment, your mouth will first be digitally x-rayed and photographed; straight away, these will be put into the CEREC computer programme that will design your new part. Whilst the dentist is setting about you and getting you ready, a machine will already be making your fitting in the next room with the information gleaned from the computer. In about 20 minutes, the part is ready to fit; all the dentist has to do then is ‘glue’ it into place and if there is a hiccup, the problem can be resolved in-house, and then you are free to get back to rat-race with your smile intact- now that’s magic!

The charm of CEREC in Leeds

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Your teeth can be a right pain in the backside at times, especially when things go wrong and who is to say when things are going to go wrong. If you are also a horrendously busy bee in Leeds, it can also be hard to find time to get your teeth patched up; this leaves you in a dilemma, especially if your smile is an important ingredient in the work that you do, hence you may find yourself languishing between the devil and the deep blue sea. But the world of dentistry has come on leaps and bounds over the past 50 years and issues like this are no longer a problem thanks to the advances in technology. Take the magical charm of CEREC for example. Fitting a veneer, a bridge or a crown used to be a three-week operation at best, but not with CEREC. All you have to do is turn up to the dental surgery and then in an hour or so, you will leave with a completely new fitting. This is because once you have been analysed and the results fed into a computer, the computer programme will then design your fitting and send this information into a machine while you are being prepped by the dentist. The great thing about this is that any problems that crop up with the fitting can be rectified in-house, there and then.


The best cosmetic dental technology in Leeds- CEREC

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Leeds is a beautifully vibrant place to live, but with that comes the pressures of looking your best at all times in order to keep up with the best: clothes, hair and your smile can make a huge difference in how you impose yourself in the city. On top of this, if something goes wrong at any one moment, you want to know that you can go somewhere to get fixed up in a jiffy so that you remain in the game at all times. Clothes are easy, there is a hairdresser on every corner, but when it comes to a dental crisis, it is not so easy….well, that was before CEREC came along. This is an amazing system designed to get you up and running again in just over an hour if you require a veneer, a bridge or a crown very quickly. Once you sit down in your dentist’s chair, quick snaps are taken of your teeth, fed into the CEREC computer programme to design your fitting and then, this is fed into a machine that will manufacture your new fitting, in just 20 minutes! During this process, the dentist can ready you for the fitting and before you know it, your smile can be back on track in the time it would normally take to have a lunch break.


Classy CEREC comes to Leeds

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

When it comes to the dawning of a new age of technology in dentistry, nothing sums it up better than CEREC. It’s a fanciful treatment that can get you up and running again in no time, setting you up with a new crown, veneers or even a dental bridge and for the busy people of Leeds that truly is a blessing. The computer is at the core of this trickery, as well as some pretty dandy machinery. New fittings before were hampered by the fact of time, because they had to be sent off to the lab to be made- they were just as good, but no good if you wanted the work done immediately. With CEREC, you sit down and your mouth is subjected to digital imaging that will then feed the pictures of the area that requires fixing into a computer. The computer then works out all the dimensions of your new fitting and feeds them straight into a milling machine which makes the part you need there and then whilst the dentist gets you ready. Once made, the fitting is cemented into place: if any problems arise, the issues can be rectified in-house and if need be, the fitting re-made. The overall treatment takes about an hour to complete and is as competitive price wise as having the work done the old fashioned way….dentistry is truly keeping up with the demands of its patients.

The art of perfection with Porcelain Veneers in the City of Leeds

Monday, October 8th, 2012

There is no doubt that porcelain is a wonderful material: it’s so pure and perfect and seems to gives off an incredibly natural hue whenever light hits it. Now sit back on your chair, close your eyes and imagine your grubby old teeth looking like porcelain….lovely eh? Well, now open your eyes and have a look in the mirror and imagine how your discoloured, chipped and worn down teeth with their receding gums may look if they could look like porcelain. Well they can and if you get down to your dentists in the city of Leeds, they can hide away all those years of hurt by fitting you with some porcelain veneers. These wafer thin beauties can put a touch of class back in your smile, painlessly, in as little as a couple of weeks (in a couple of hours if your dentist has CEREC at their disposal!). Your teeth will first have to have the enamel removed so that a couple of moulds can be made up, from which the veneers are made. Whilst this is being done in some laboratory, you will be fitted with dummy veneers until your real ones are made. Then, you simply sit back, the dummies are removed, and your glorious new ones are then cemented into position: they are sealed with a heat light. If there is one problem with this treatment, it is stopping you from annoying other people with an excitement you can’t contain at having the most beautiful teeth in the world! Go on, treat yourself!!

Super fast CEREC in the City of Leeds

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

It is a beautiful thing to see when the old traditions of ‘pure’ engineering sit side by side with modern technology and in the world of dentistry you can see both holding hands when it comes to a treatment called CEREC. This amazing new technology has landed in the city ofLeedsand has taken the place by storm. Treatments like having a veneer fitted, a bridge made or having a crown fitted could often take weeks of preparation- but once in they look fabulous and make you feel the same way. If however you have a mishap and damage your fitting, then again, it’s another few weeks until you are patched up. Now if you have to present yourself in a public way through work or if you just have a hot date, it will compromise the way you feel and the way you come across. Not anymore! With CEREC, these said fittings can be sorted out within around 90 minutes. You get into the chair and the dentist will take a few digital images of the affected area and then feed them into a computer. Now whilst your teeth are being prepped for the fitting, a milling machine in the surgery is constructing your new fitting from all of the data that has been fed into it. Within around an hour, you should be ready to have you new smile put into place, but if there is a problem, it can be adjusted on the spot as opposed to waiting another three weeks. Think about it, in an extended dinner hour, you can look adorable- that’s CEREC in a nutshell!