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Heavenly Hygienists Can Put You On The Road To Dental Recovery

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

585804_blogWe are proud to have excellent dental hygienists as part of our dental team. Hygienists are experts in oral hygiene and they help to prevent and treat oral diseases. Our hygienists work with our dentists and nurses to promote good oral health, encourage positive habits and keep oral diseases at bay.

Should I see a dental hygienist?

Many people assume that they only need to see a dental hygienist if they have gum disease or problems like bad breath, but the reality is that every single dental patient can benefit from a trip to the hygienist. This is because dental hygienists provide very powerful cleaning treatments, which are designed to blitz the mouth and remove traces of bacteria, plaque and tartar. This reduces the risk of oral health illnesses and also targets problems such as surface staining, to give your teeth a beautiful healthy glow.

What services do dental hygienists offer?

Our dental hygienists provide an extensive range of treatments, including preventative services, gum disease treatment, cleaning treatments, oral health education and advice and bad breath clinics. Our hygienists work with dentists to treat and manage gum disease and they also provide cleaning treatments, including scale and polish, to prevent and treat decay and bad breath.

We welcome patients of all ages and we often recommend preventative treatment for children, including fluoride varnish and sealant treatment. These treatments help to protect the teeth and lower the risk of tooth decay.

How often should I see a hygienist?

If you have existing dental troubles, we will probably recommend frequent sessions with our hygienists. If you have good oral health, an annual session will be hugely beneficial.